Written by Sheila

25 Jun 2012

We had been invited to a vicar and tarts party, but due to our baby sitter letting us down it was decided that my husband would stay home and watch the kids while I went to the party with my friend Mary, on the night I had bathed and shaved and was wearing a low cut top with a split skirt that came just above my knee's with stockings and suspender belt small bra and thong beneath them, my husband said that he wanted to ravish me I looked so sexy, Dave, my husband drove us to the party with Mary sitting in the back of the car, Mary's husband wouldn't let her dress sexily in revealing clothes so to get around this she had put stockings, matching bra and panties and a little see through top in her handbag, on the journey she changed into these clothes, Dave spent most of his time looking at her through the mirror, I'm surprised we didn't crash, he certainly had an erection that I hoped to get the benefit of later that night

At the party there were couples, singles and I think menbers of a football team, all great fun people, one guy in particular John a really good looking footballer took a me,and me to him, we spent a lot of time drinking and dancing together, eventually he steared me to the stairs, I now knew what was going to happen and was excited, looking into one bedroom we saw Mary lying on the bed naked except for har suspender belt and stockings, with a guy lying at her side pushing his fingers deep into her gaping hole, we could hear her moaning and the squelching sounds as his fingers did there work, leaving them to it we found an enpty room, I soon found myself naked except for my stockings, he sucked hard on my nipples, pushed his fingers into my wet pussy till I was squeeling loudly, I was told, his hard erect cock was soon inside me fucking me, till we both climaxed almost together, this was my first time with anyone but Dave, who had taken my virginity.

At the end of the party Mary and I were taken home by John and his friend, looking back I saw Mary and the guy snogging, her breasts were out, the guys hand was working between her open legs, John turned the car into a dark lane by the airport, stopping we turned to watch the others as now Mary's skirt was around her waist with her bare pussy on show, the guy pulled out his cock, pulled her across the seat and started to fuck her, meanwhile John had my boobs out again, fondling and squeezing them, I removed my thong, he pushed me over the back of the seat, fucking me from the rear as I watched the others, I soon felt him shudder and pump his hot cum into me at about the same time as Mary screamed as she climaxed and the guy pulled out of her, cumming over her belly, we cleaned ourselves up and finally went home.

At home Dave was still awake and after feeling my wet hole persuaded me to tell him about everything that had happened that evening,surprisingly he wasn't angry but was so turned on that he had the hardest erection that I had ever seen,he soon was kissing me, pushing my legs wide and feeling my soaking pussy he fucked me harder than he had ever done before, it wasn't love it was hard raw sex and I loved it.

Since then Dave has encouraged me not only to meet John again but others, which I have happily done, we always discuss these meetings afterwards and have great sex.