Written by Rob_Consort

22 Jul 2012

At 57 and wife 49, Ali and I married for 27 years. We mutually decided to ‘enter’ the swing & swap scene roughly 3 years into our marriage. I thought perhaps, as an American here for a few months on business assignment, some fellow SH Members might be interested in how this “senior couple” merged into our current swing social scene.

Ali, originally in the retail trade, now in real estate sales, and I in media for most all these years, we met through some close, mutual friends. Our engagement not more than a year…we married, set our first apartment home in Manhattan…close to our respective work places. With 8 years difference, it was a bit of issue for me to totally separate from my bachelor lifestyle…I had often met and bedded casual friends…and on occasion an agency client or two…or more. Even at my office, I continued to dally with a married team member…her marriage was in trouble…through NO fault of ours…but the opportunity to engage an attractive woman about my age too good to set aside. Ali was NO stranger to casual affairs…at her young age in retail and quite attractive a young lady…she was approached often by straight, client execs. I say ‘straight’ since her business was so prevalently gay or bi in nature…most of those hitting on my ‘future wife’ were more than likely married guys in the 30’s and 40’s.

My wife soon realized that my libido was quite active…and my persona not altogether locked into a single relationship kind of husband. In fact, her knowledge of me quite candidly permitted her to look more freely to several casual hook-ups…friends, colleagues and some customers herself. This all played out early in our marriage…I’d say the first 3 years or so…both of us looked to fucking with others. However, there was a point one Christmas Season that 3rd year, we openly discussed our sexual enthusiasm to screw outside our marital vows. It was liberating…Ali and I discussed our sexual interests maturely and openly…which candidly laid the opening round to our seeking out a swing association that would allow us to exercise those sexual interests without having to be concerned over too many risks and issues that might come from totally stranger-like fuck engagements.

That New Year began our private quest to meet and engage with like couples, and where reasonable, some singles. It took about another 2 years to openly discuss sexual curiosity with certain friends, neighbors and business colleagues. During the course of this “search” we continued to take on our extra-marital fuck interests…of course this all assisted our swing and swap reach-outs. To this day, the bulk of our 18 to 20 couples active in our swing social come from long-term relationships…anywhere from 10 to 15 years. We’ve taken on some single Moms…however we eschew single guys. On occasion, we may have a ‘guest single’ intermingled, but by and large most of our extra marital fuck partners are within this social group. We’re all in the same geographic vicinity…many in our neighborhood and those others very short distances to cover.

Overall, we’ve found our swing and swap lifestyle to be liberating, self-serving and self-satisfying. Our relationship as wife and husband is powerfully strong…in a world where there is a 50% plus divorce rate, our personal freedom to sexually engage whom we wish outside marriage provides us a solid personal, married relationship. We engage as we please…using maturity and choices of partners…most often private from one another, though we as well know what husband Ali is fucking…and what wife or mom I’m in play with…most of the time.

In most instances, Ali and I will sexually play in private. On occasion, at a party or planned event, we may be part of the play itself. My wife will sometimes assist my fucking of another woman…convincing, positioning, restraining…as oftentimes another of my wife’s partners’ wives will assist her husband to well fuck my wife. Most often, when we’ve returned home, Ali and I will engage in heavy screw…however a standing rule for each of us…if we’re not coming home that evening, we will leave corresponding VM’s (sounds a lot like advising your kids how to handle their free time…doesn’t it…!) I more often leave that voicemail…tending to be with my extra-marital partner OR involved with a group fuck party. When my wife leaves the message, more than likely she’s been the object of a group fuck. Ali tends to one-on-one…sometimes threesome. She doesn’t favor a gang bang…BUT when it happens, it’s usually due to her being a bit drunk or otherwise unaware of what her partner has in store for her. If she’s come home that evening…I can also tell she’s been multiple fucked…she remains distant from me…not allowing me to fuck her. Wish I could change her style…love to bang her after she’s had multiple orgasms…but not to be…

My wife sometimes takes on a bi-relationship…usually part of a married couple threesome. I remain ‘straight’…there may be 4 or 5 husbands working a wife or mom…I focus on eating and fucking the woman…no interest in the same sex appeal. Generally within our swing social, there’s mutual awareness and respect of whatever our preferences may be. NOT saying, guys and gals sometimes stray or try…but generally respectful…;)

For example, I know that while I’m in London, my wife is having a ball of a time…AND I mean that literally…!! She’s either spreading her legs for friends OR getting them spread by business colleagues. I usually get feedback from the very same people fucking Ali. They may not share all the details…I can guess how much fun she’s having though… In fact, she’s getting more action than I am here…! My fuck time has been with some escort service personnel, an office ‘hostess’ and a visiting swing friend from The US. As I understand, Ali has attempted to keep her sexual engagements to once per weekend…each week. Greg a few weeks back indicated that Ali had accepted an invite from a business colleague in LBI…turned out to be one of Ali’s rare group fucks…3 husbands and 3 wives playing with her… She returned to Greg’s and Sandra’s home that Sunday evening…to essentially console and calm herself…she wasn’t anticipating being ‘captive’ to a sex party…with her being the ‘party!!’ Ali didn’t want me to know…BUT…that was incentive for Greg to share. He loves to rub it in sometimes…knows nothing I can do except think about my wife being multiply fucked…cunt, mouth and anal.

Some will ask…have you reached an age where the swing & swap enthusiasm diminishes…? Hell NO my response…and shared by Ali as well…! Swing and Swap NOT common…NOT acceptable to most folks… But, to those of us in the play, we relish the enjoyment…the pleasure to pleasure others and ourselves. One of my friends indicated that the swing & swap genre represents about 2% or less of our population. I suspect the rate is a bit higher…just that many swing members don’t openly admit…OR…keep their sexual affairs private. IF the divorce rate is as high as we know it to be…WTF else are folks doing…besides ‘cheating’ on their spouses. I don’t like the term “cheating” as applied to our Swing & Swap lifestyle. We’re NOT cheating! We’re engaging in sexual play with whom we want…on a regular basis.

May I invite your comments here…would any of you care to share your start and approach to swing & swap fucking? I think it would be enjoyable…and helpful to some…to learn how other SH Members get down and into each other. It may be exhibitionism…sexual domineering…desire to fuck other men’s wives or husbands as may be the case. OR, simply, our human nature requires the pleasure we gain from swing & swap. Please…use this ‘Stories’ Section to comment…OR even comment below.

Salute to our sexual plays…may we never forget how much pleasure it is for guy and gal…whatever your preferences and choices. If you do forget…you’re likely dead and gone to one Valhalla or another…;)

Regards, Rob.