Written by ROB

7 Nov 2015

I run a consultancy business from home hence the title, that is what my mates call me especially as my name is Robert.

My wife is a 'high flyer' in a law firm in London but we live in north Hampshire. She is off each morning on the train at about 7am from Basingstoke and not usually back until 6.30pm. Not ideal but it pulls in a lot of money.

We have a 7 year old daughter who in September started at a new nearby school, I walk her to school each day, she stays for school lunch and I walk back at 3.30pm to pick her up. We walk a path that skirts a lovely wood area as do many of the yummy mummies and their kids. After a few days I got chatting to a few of the mothers especially those whose children were friends of my daughter.

As the weather remained so good I started wearing shorts and trainers and ran back through the woods, it was great and the run could be extended by taking various paths beside a stream and over a small hill that gave great views. When I got home I switch on the kettle, fire up the lap top and usually looked at the new stories on SH and inevitably have a wank before settling down to work.

One morning two of the mothers asked if they could run with me. They fancied running in the woods but were nervous of getting lost and also there had been a couple of assaults in the area in the past year. They are very cute and I willingly agreed. Next day they were in shorts and trainers and off we went. I led them on my usual route and except for the endless giggling behind me it was good. We got back on to a path on the edge of the wood along behind some houses and Ruth suddenly said 'this is us, would you like a drink?'. We stopped and went through the back gate into the garden, We sat drinking on the garden furniture, talking about the run, the woods or kids etc. After about half hour I said I had better get some work done today and left through the gate thanking Ruth for the drink. When I got outside the gate I heard them giggling again and peered through a convenient knot hole in the high fence. Chrissy said 'Do you think Rob is well endowed or runs with a stiffy, he certainly fills those shorts?' At that Ruth reached for Chrissie's leg and slid her hand up to the crutch of her shorts and said 'it made you moist'. Chrissy reached across and did the same thing to Ruth and they then both briefly kissed. Chrissy jumped up and said I had better go home before this develops into an lessy affair and with a giggle ran towards the gate. I fled into the woods sporting a huge erection and it was difficult to run. When I got home I wanked in the kitchen, wanked in the shower and again before going back to the school. I only saw Ruth and Chrissie at a distance but they waved and giggled.

The next day they were ready to run again, this time Ruth had a short tennis type skirt which looked great and while running I let her get in front and had lovely glimpses of her white panties. I stopped for a drink again in Ruth's garden, we sat about and Ruth lifted one foot onto her chair which allowed me a straight view of the damp gusset of her pants. I started to feel my cock rising, they looked at each other and Chrissie said 'Ruth wants to know if you just have a very big dick or can run with a stiffy?' I felt myself getting very red and they giggled, Chrissie slid off her chair and knelt next to my chair.

They laughed and laughed and I felt very uncomfortable and started to get up to leave. Chrissie grabbed my arm and said don't go we are playing with you, we saw you peering through the hole in the fence and staged the kiss for a joke.

Ruth ran her hand down to her crutch and placed her finger into the gusset of her pants and 'said show me yours and I will show you mine'

to be continued