Written by ROB

8 Nov 2015

Ruth said ' show me yours and I will show you mine'.

I was stunned two fairly attractive yummy mummies and me, I felt embarrassed, excited, aroused. Time went into slow motion, what should I do?

I should probably leave this could be very awkward, dont S***T on your own doorstep came to mind, they may gossip to other mothers and my wife find out.

From a practical point of view if I was going to show them I would have to stand up to pull my shorts down, Chrissy was still gripping my arm as if to stop me leaving. If I showed them would they laugh? I am not that well built it's adequate but not very impressive I thought, more giggling and laughing at me.

Ruth had now slung her leg over the arm of the chair exposing her panties even more and her finger was moving inside the gusset.

My erection was growing I started to feel that I may cum, suddenly Chrissie moved her hand from my arm and rested it gently on my dick, wow I was so close to coming. 'It's big Ruthie' , she said and giggled nervously.

I gripped the arms of the plastic chair and stood up, my legs were shaking. Chrissie took her hand away and lent back, I pulled my shorts down and fumbled in my fairly tight briefs to pull my cock out, with one thumb in the elastic waist I pulled my dick out with my right hand and shot my load across the glass top of the garden table.

I stood there dick still erect and spunk dripping from the end. Absolute silence, no giggling, no laughing. Suddenly I felt had to go, I tried to pull up my pants, Chrissie stood up flung her arm about my neck and kissed my cheek. 'Rob that is wonderful, thank you' she said. I looked at Ruth who was looking a bit stunned but then smiled and pulled the gusset of the pants aside exposing a very wet and beautiful looking pussy. 'Look I came too' she said quietly.

I slumped back into the chair.