Written by ROB

25 Nov 2015

I had slumped back into the chair after cumming all over the glass top table. Chrissie who was staring at the blobs of cum suddenly stood up pulled a tissue from her pocket and started mopping it up. Ruth said 'leave it I will clean up later'. Chrissie looked at the sodden tissue, dripping with my cum and after some thought put it back in her pocket. 'I must go' she said and with a glance at each of us disappeared through the garden gate. I packed my package back in my shorts and also made my leave, Ruth smiled at me as I looked back from the gate.

The next morning the weather was very wet, I still wore my running gear, planning to go for a run again. Chrissie and Ruth were also dressed for a run and we soon set off through the woods once the kids had been handed over at the school gate. The paths were very muddy and puddled especially by the streams. By the time we got to Ruth's gate we were very mud spattered and wet from the falling rain. She invited us in but I said I had better get home and shower, 'Shower here' she said and have a hot drink. Neither Chrissie or I needed a great deal of persuasion we went through the gate and into the kitchen. I was already feeling aroused by the proximity of these two sexy women and the prospect of some sexual activity. The kettle was boiling and we soon stood around leaning on the kitchen cabinets sipping tea and steam rising from our wet clothes.

Ruth asked us to take off our shoes and follow her upstairs. We were led into a fairly large bedroom and Ruth started removing her top and shorts, come on she said let's get in the shower. 'You first' I said but she said 'no all together it's a wet room' and disappeared through the door into the ensuite. Chrissie followed and I quickly removed my shorts and shirt. I had a semi-hard on which bounced as I joined them. The wet room was brilliant with a huge copper coloured overhead shower head on the ceiling and a hand held shower head on a hose clipped to the wall. The girls' body were lit by the many downlighters. I quickly looked at their naked bodies, Chrissie was quite tall with slim hips and smallish breasts with very erect nipples, Ruth was shorter and rounder, not fat but with a pear shaped bum and large boobs with dark brown nipples. She appeared to have a trimmed pussy but a quite substantial hairy patch above. Chrissie was completely shaven and looked like a young girl. 'Come on in' they called and I stepped under the spray. They immediately started soaping my body and touching my growing dick and giggling. It was wonderful and I started rubbing shower gel onto their bodies. Chrissie started to kiss me and pressed her body against me, my dick was growing harder. Ruth was cuddling my back rubbing herself against my bum. This was heaven, the water cascading down of bodies. I placed my right hand on Chrissie's pussy and my left behind me onto Ruth's. I slipped my fingers into the waiting bodies and they reacted by push hard against the probing fingers. We were writhing all together it was wonderful, Ruth's hand came round and pushed between Chrissie and my bodies to touch my penis, God this really was wonderful. Chrissie pulled away and dropped to her knees taking the tip of my dick in her mouth, Ruth was pumping it with her hand and grinding her pussy on my hand with my fingers in her.

Chrissie suddenly stood up, turned and leant her hands against the tiled wall, spread her legs and yelled 'shag me now'. She had her feet positioned away from the wall with her bum towards me, I moved forward and ran my hand against her spread pussy slipping two fingers into her. Ruth was still griping my dick and clinging to my back. 'No fingers, shag me now' she yelled. I moved closer removed Ruth's hand and pushed by dick into the beautiful pussy.