Written by ROB

29 Nov 2015

The shower passed without further arousal and I walked home. I turned on my mobile phone and was greeted by a number of voice mail messages and an In Box with an unusually high number of e-mails. The most important was a request from one of my clients who wanted me to join a team going to Turin to negotiate the acquisition of a business. The trip would be the week after the Half Term holiday so I called by wife at her office to see if she could get time off or work from home.

I called Paul the MD of the client and confirmed I could attend, I had already prepared a detailed report on the target company when purchase was muted yearly in the year. On that occasion I had spent many pleasant hours working with Charlotte a very hot brunette in her late forties who was a co-director of Paul's company. Paul had confirmed the Charlotte is going, knowing I was hot for her. Nothing had happened between us but there was definitely sexual chemistry there.

The following morning I took Lizzie to school dressed normally, not in running gear. Chrissie and Ruth were there ready to run but I explained I had a meeting in Reading so could not run today. Chrissie said I think we could run by ourselves as we now know the paths, so off they ran waving as I walk back down the path. It was not strictly true but Ruth had suggested whilst in the shower that she was maybe not comfortable with me shagging Chrissie at her house, I felt after our extremely sensual episode Ruth was getting possessive and thought I should cool it.

The following week was Half Term and my wife had planned to take the whole week off. With my Italian trip following on she re-organised her diary so could only spend two days with us. We did however take the opportunity to visit her parents in Norfolk which I found more comfortable in case we ran into Chrissie or Ruth in the local supermarkets. Her parents had a large house with a separate self contained single bedroom annex which we used while Lizzie had her own room in the main house.

Lisa was very attentive and leapt on me as soon as we retired to our own room she was unusually randy. After cuddling and kissing deeply for a few minutes she disappeared under the duvet and kissed, nibbled and sucked by hard erection. She started coming back up the bed and climbed on top, gripping my penis, trying to insert it into her fanny. I pushed her to one side and turned on to my side and down under the duvet placing my head between her legs and licked and sucked her pussy, it was gloriously moist and I thrust my tongue in. At the same time I pushed my crotch towards her face and grasping the idea she swallowed by dick deeply in a classic 69 position. We had not done that for years.

After about 5 minutes and the feeling I would suffocate under the duvet with Lisa geting very aroused trusting her pussy into my face I turned around and plunged my penis into her gaping vagina. We both came very quickly it was terrific and we fell asleep in each others arms.

In the morning we woke and after both taking a pee, Lisa climbed on top and orgasimed a number of time writhing on my stiff prick.

Life was getting complicated, an attentive wife, a possessive and randy pairs of yummy mummies wanting my dick and away with sexy Charlotte the following week, wow.