Written by cumboy

6 Jan 2014

I'm a young male 24 years old and since NY eve party been fucked by my mum's new bf. He's in his late 40's , 6 ft 2 and has a huge cock , at least 9 inch and works as a fitness instructor at a local gym near Herts. To be honest, at uni, i have had experienced in both gay and normal sex.

Anyway, die to no work, i had moved in with my mum. She done well in her divorce and owns a large 5 bedroom property in St Albans. During the nights I have many times wanked myself hearing my mum screaming during their all night sex sessions. I had seen Mike's naked body several times, including his hard on, once in the bathroom as he entered not knowing i was showering. He did have an enormous cock and just looked at mine and smiled. I have imagined his cock inside me while cumin.

We decided to have a small NY eve party ,and had about 12 friends came around. Wine and Beer was feel flowing and it wasn't look when we all we completely pissed and I saw several couples disappear upstairs.

At midnight, we all toasted the NY and kissed all. Needed a piss, i went upstairs and to my shock I was Mike in the bathroom half naked . His trousers was down, clearly had a blow job from my mum. He was still hard. For some reason I became very horny , he just grabbed me and kissed me . The taste of his tongue and hands on my cock had me gasping. My cock rose like a shot. I started to wank him too. His cock was rock hard. He pushed me on my knees and pushed his cock inside me. I started to lick him and suck him deep. He tasted so nice. He bent me over the cabinet, had my jeans off and firstly fucked my arse, took out some jelly from the cabinet and put it all over my arse and n his cock. he spread my legs and slowly pushed his extremely hard cock inside me. Boy it hurt but felt so good. Half his length went inside me and he started to fuck me while wanking y 7inch cock.

Slowly I said, but he ignored me and started to fuck me hard. I very soon came on his hand. And soon after I heard him moan while he came inside fucking really hard. His spunk was dripping down my legs. I turned around, went on my knees and licked his cum and swallowed. We kissed for a while. Before we were caught left downstairs. For the rest of the night, i could feel his cock inside me .

After all had gone home about 4 am, I must have wanked myself 3/4 times , memorizing the event and hearing my mum been fucked till 9am.

A few days later, my mum (nurse) had to go on her shift, which left me alone and once again I was fucked by Mike , but this time in my bed for several hours of no stop licking , been fucked many times.

This has continued for several weeks. Don't know whether to tell my mum or not? Or just enjoy Mike's cock .