Written by Vanda

25 May 2011

I'm Vanda, I think I should tell you about what happened before my holiday, causing the change in my circumstances, see May 24th, I had been living with my boyfriend Scott for over two years, we were very happy together, I felt very comfortable and relaxed with him, our sex life was great having it anytime, anywhere in our flat, whenever we were feeling randy, which was about twice a day for Scott. This all changed when his best mate Ross moved in with us. He had split up from his wife after a five year marriage and after selling their house he was homeless so Scott invited him to stay with us temporarily untill he could find himself a flat of his own.

Previous to his arrival we had regularly walked around the flat naked or in my undies, this all had to stop, in fact I went out and bought new pyjamas and dressing gown, things that I had never worn since I had been with Scott, we both slept in the nude. Scott didn't like this, but what else could I do.

It all kicked off one saturday morning, we had just had a great love making session, I had got out of bed, naked, when Ross walked into our bedroom to talk to Scott about the football that was taking place that afternoon, I screamed at him to get out, although he apologised it didn't stop him from standing there and ogling my naked body.

After that our relationship deteriorated Scott thought it would be fun if they both shared me, he said that Ross was well up for it and fancied me rotten, I of course said "no" I only wanted him.

That night in bed after he had me feeling really randy he started to persuade me what good fun it would be for me to have two cocks available instead of one, I just said that I would think about it, he also wanted us to return to me being naked around our flat as Ross had now seen me naked it wouldn't matter,I agread but made sure that I was never naked but often only wore my very brief undies, which I had always worn,

A few weeks later on a hot Saturday afternoon I was doing the ironing wearing only my bra and thong, the guys were out looking for a new car for another of their mates.

As I made myself a coffee, they returned unexpectedly, both of them paying me compliments about how good I looked, I made them coffee and we sat in the lounge talking, Scott came and sat on the arm of my chair, putting his arm around me he kissed me deeply, while doing this he undid my bra, as he moved away I found myself topless, showing them my bare boobs, they then wanted me to remove my thong, saying as it was so hot and that my body was now no longer a mystery to Ross, I may as well, I did so to their obvious enjoyment, as I could see from the bulges in their jeans.

Scott picked me up and carried me to our bedroom placing me gently on the bed, they both quickly stripped, I could now see their rock hard cocks, they lay on the bed with me in the middle of them, I was now so aroused I didn't care what happened, I just wanted some action, they both fondled my boobs with their now rock hard aching nipples, Ross slipped his fingers into my pussy, working them in and out and saying how wet I was, Scott was soon on top of me with his cock in me, pumping hard till he eventually filled me with his hot cum. After he pulled out of me Ross took over, he had me get on all fours and took me doggy style, before he reached his climax he pulled out of me then pushing hard he entered my bum hole, it did hurt as he pushed into me but as he slid in and out I found it to be a very nice enjoyable feeling, after a short while he exploded all his pent up cum into me, I could feel it running down my inner leg.

This happened more and more till I was having sex with either one or both of them a number of times a day at weekends, weekdays wern't quite as hectic with us all being at work during the day.

It all came to a conclusion when Ross with Scotts agreament brought two of his friends home and insisted that I had sex with all of them, when I refused he got quite nasty calling me a whore and other nasty names. I shouted at Scott that I wanted all of them out including Ross, who I was fed up with him scrounging off us any longer.

As Scott refused to do this and support me, I moved out,I went to live with my friend Zena who was very kind and supportive of me. I lived there for a couple of weeks before I found the dingy little flat, where I lived untill after my holiday, when I went to live with a lady that I met on holiday, but thats another story that I may tell in the future, if I can pluck up the courage.