Written by Steven

2 Apr 2013

Over Christmas the wife and I had a very long discussion about things we'd both like to do before we get to 50. She has three years to go and I have 2. We sat home drinking and as the alcohol took hold - probably inspired by things I have read on this site - I blurted out that I'd like to see her getting fucked by another man. Initially my wife (C) laughed and said 'you don't mean that' to which I insisted - 'yes, I do'. I added that it had been my fantasy for years but I had never raised the issue because I really didn't know how she'd react. Her reaction was initially one of shock, but she kept asking questions and gathering details.

We talked about a range of things but after a few more drinks we went to bed and we had sex - really good sex, after we had both climaxed we talked again about my fantasy. C asked me outright - if I was to do exactly what you wanted - how would it work. I explained that I would like to see her with another man (he could be anyone of her choosing - but I'd prefer someone we didn't know), I would like this stranger to take her to bed in our marital bed and to make love to her for as long as they both wanted. I wanted to be present but only to observe - not to take part. I added that I would want to make love to her once the other person had left and to explore her body when it had been used by another man.

She then asked - if she went through with it - could it be a one off if she didn't want to repeat it. This said to me that she might actually be considering it. I touched her between the legs at this point and she was soaking and admitted to being really turned on by the thought. Before we went off to sleep she said she wasn't saying 'no' she'd think about it and give it some thought.

To my huge surprise she told me the next morning that she would do it - she had a few conditions but there was nothing important. I then introduced her to this site and explained that this was where I came to 'fuel' my fantasy and to understand I was not alone in wanting to see my wife getting sexual fulfilment from another man. She read a few of the stories and admitted that she found them a 'bit of a turn on'.

We put an advert together for this site - explaining that she was late 40's and a first timer etc. We got a huge volume and a mixed bag of replies. We took a few days to narrow our search and found someone about 60 miles from our home - who covered the basic criteria. White male, right age - late 30's, experienced swinger, described himself as clean and discreet. We both exchanged e-mails with him and he seemed to understand exactly what we wanted and he seemed confident enough to go through with our proposal - the question for me was whether my C was going to go through with it.?

After messing about for a couple of weeks - we took the bull by the horns and rather than do this at home - which my wife was uncomfortable with we arranged a meet in a hotel. My wife who has blond hair (dyed), a petit frame (size 10), very large breasts (34D) and a good body for her age - really pushed the boat out wearing sexy underwear and giving her pussy a right good trim before putting on a sexy black dress, hold ups and black high heels. She looked fantastic and I realised in that moment as we were getting ready to go to the hotel - how much I had started to take her for granted - she looked beautiful.

it took nearly an hour to get to the hotel, we parked and spent a few moments talking before we got out of the car. Most of the conversation centred around the fact that C could not believe what she was doing. I sensed and started to worry that she may back out - so I did my best to reassure her, told her to really enjoy herself and told her just how much it would mean to me.

When we got into the hotel it was a saturday night but it was pretty quiet. I sorted the room and got a key card - I didn't go to the room - we went to the bar to see if B (the man we had arranged to meet was there). We spotted him straight away - he looked well groomed, he was wearing a suite and he seemed pleased to see us. He was drinking a coke and I bought a round of drinks after the introductions and left C and B talking. I didn't have any experience of such meetings and was surprised that we were still talking - making polite conversation - ver an hour later. I was desperate to break the ice and suggest we went upstairs but didn't really know how to suggest it without being unsubtle. Eventually (and to my great relief) B took a hold of C's hand and said shall we take things a stage further and go upstairs? My wife (much to my surprise) said nothing and just made her way - holding B's hand - to the lift and to the room on the third floor. I followed like the cuckold with the door key. No one said a word in the lift and fortunately it was a short walk down the corridor to the room. I put the card in the door - as always you wonder (for a second) if the light will turn green -it did and we all entered the room. It was narrow at the entrance but opened up into quite a large room with a big bed. C went off to the bathroom and closed the door, B took his jacket off and hung it on the back of a chair - in front of the desk. I sat in the armchair in the corner facing the bed - getting up briefly to take my jacket off. I suddenly felt my adrenaline pumping and i felt a little sick - what had I done - for the first time I was starting to have second thoughts. B was probably about 35 - well built (strong muscles etc.) good head of hair turning grey, about six foot tall; he was slowly stripping off and I looked on envious of his figure, his physique and his obvious self confidence. Before I could contemplate second thoughts the bathroom door opened and C emerged - she had removed her dress and she was wearing her black bra, black high heels, black hold ups and a sexy black g string. I was fighting for air, breathless, shaking and trembling and my cock was standing on end - trapped in my trousers.

B walked up to C and put his hands on her shoulders they moved together and they started to kiss. They kissed so passionately and for quite some time. I was surprised how C was pulling B towards her and she was really enjoying a right good snog. B started to touch C's large breasts as they continued to kiss. I sat there spell bound saying nothing - it now felt like I shouldn't be there because I was in danger of interrupting something that was an awful lot more 'loving' than I had anticipated. The kissing went on for some time longer before B un-clapsed C's bra and her breasts were exposed in all their glory - her nipples looked fantastic and B lost no time in getting C's beautiful breasts into his mouth and sucked on those fantastic big nipples.

Eventually they moved towards the bed, just before they got on to the bed B stopped and removed his vest and pulled down his boxer shorts - his cock sprung upwards - it was impressive - longer and fatter than mine. I was a bit taken aback at just how fat it was - it was fucking big and he moved forwards and put his thumb under each side of C's g-string and started to pull it down - C got the message and like a tart she took her g-string off and got on the bed in just her hold ups and high heels - once on the bed she sat up and removed her high heels and as she did so I got an eye full of her hairy pussy. B and C were now on the bed, the lights were on and and I was sitting at the end of the bed - just off to the right. They had ignored me completely - it was like I wasn't there. B was putting his hands all over my wife's beautiful white skin, he touched her breasts, rubbed her stomach, ran his hands down the inside of her legs and started to put his hand in her pubic mound. In contrast she was just rubbing his upper arms but she was looking at his huge penis and in a few moments he took her hand and wrapped it around the shaft and she gently stated to wank him by running her hand up and down the shaft. This was incredible and I felt an urge to masturbate but was constrained by two things - I'd feel a bit of a fool - and my cock was no match for the monster in my wife's hand.

C wanked B's cock for a short time and he was encouraging her to take it in her mouth - she is not a cock sucker - she never sucks my cock so i knew he was wasting his time. I was wrong she did as instructed and leaned forward and getting onto all fours she took his fat cock into her mouth - and I had a view of my wife's arse and pussy as she sucked another man's penis for all she was worth. Better still she wanked he cock with one hand while sucking the end - just like a porn star - I felt so proud of her and hoped this was the face of things to come.

On all fours my wife's hold ups had started to come down and she removed them before B positioned her on her back with her legs wide apart and vertically upwards - her hairy cunt was wide open and on full display - they desire to wank was now becoming unbearable. B kneeled on the floor and stuck his tongue in my wife's hairy cunt - licking up and down her slit and occasionally licking the hood covering her clit - she was in ecstasy her hands gripping the bed sheets - I noticed that B was slowly wanking his cock with his right hand as he licked and tasted my wife.

B broke away after licking my wife for what must have been 15 or 20 minutes. As previously agreed he put a condom onto his cock - it looked even bigger with a pink shiny coat - and my heart missed a few beats as I realised he was now going to fuck C - and boy was he going to fuck her with that weapon.

He walked over to C - she was still on her back, legs in the air, pussy on full view. He grabbed her ankles and pulled them even higher so that they were almost around C's shoulders and he then - briefly let go of one ankle and used his hand to guide his huge cock into my wife's gaping pussy - he slid all the way in in one go and he then held both her ankles and started thrusting back and forth pumping his massive cock in and out of my wife's hairy mound. My wife's eyes were closed and her face was contorted, her breasts were bouncing all over the place as he fucked he really hard and really rough. He was plunging into her so hard I thought he would come any second but he kept up a relentless pace and when he did pause it was to flip C on to all fours and he stood on the end of the bed and sank his long cock into her - after a few strokes he stopped moving and she slid back and forth onto his cock - wanting him more and more - her huge tits hanging down slamming around looked awesome, her beautiful white body looked so feminine and attractive. B pushed C forward and she put her face in the pillow as he know knelt on the bed and fucked her so hard and so fast until it was obvious that he had come.

He pulled out and threw the condom onto the carpet at the side of the bed - the lovemaking did not stop they started to kiss again and started to explore each others bodies again. Again he licked her, played with her breasts, she sucked him and played with his cock and 20 minutes later he had recovered and his cock was rock hard and ready for more action, he tried to persuade her to go on top but she didn't want to do that. She suggested they do it from behind again and she positioned herself naked in the middle of the bed on all fours like a little slut - he pussy dripping and gasping for more. He plunged into her and this time held her hips and pulled her back and forth - I was studying her face and she was enjoying it so much - her eyes were closed and she was overcome by the experience - she had forgotten I was there. Both of their bodies were covered in sweat - it was hot in the room but I wasn't going to head for the thermostat at the side of the bed. B now persuaded C to go on top - something I have never managed in all our years of marriage. She looked uneasy and nervous as she clambered on top ad slowly impaled her self on B's cock which he guided in to her. She moved up and down - he held her under the bum and moved her up and down and she used one hand to now furiously rub her clit - making herself come very quickly, once she had come she lay back and now facing the other way - their heads towards me B kneeled between C's legs and fucked her back and forth looking at me as he did it - he smirked for my benefit as he unloaded into my wife for the second time. After a brief kiss my wife got up and headed to the bathroom without looking at me. As the shower started running, B got up off the bed and walking around naked with his magnificent cock on show he casually started to talk to me. He told me how fabulous my wife was, what a great fuck she was, how I needed to take care of her. He then asked if I'd enjoyed the 'show' - was it okay, did he do as we wanted. He said he could stay all night and carry on if we wanted - he said he would happily fuck C all night. Since C was in the shower I assumed that fun time was over and we's soon be heading home for a private session. When C eventually came out of the bathroom - she was completely naked, looked fantastic - so relaxed she looked 10 years younger. B replaced her in the bathroom and took a shower. I asked if she was okay - she said yes - and asked 'why did we not do this sooner?'. I told her that B had offered to stay longer and she immediately said that she would like to carry on - I spent about another three hours in that arm chair watching two people have a wonderful time. This may have started as my idea but my wife is enjoying every minute of acting out my fantasy and this is quickly becoming a new way of life for us. Life begins at 50.