Written by Assfixia

12 Apr 2011

Following on from 'Being a good girl part 1'..

In the car, of course, I had to have a play.. Big boots back on the dashboard, no pants on.. I slipped my hand straight between my legs as my man drove us home.. I managed to make myself cum fairly quickly and I wasn't quiet about it.. I took my man's hand and placed it on my soaking wet pussy.. 'Wow' he exclaimed and he took his fingers to his mouth and tasted my juices. 'mmmm...'

Back at the house, my man went to the kitchen to pour me a large Malibu and coke and himself a large vodka. I walked into the living room, keeping on my dress and boots, as I felt incredibly sexy in them. I went to the tv and switched it on, putting the music channels on and searching for the sexiest music.. As my man walked through the living room door, drinks in hand, I began to dance. He sat down to watch, I smiled at him, a naughty smile and as I danced, he would get a sneaky glimpse of my smooth, naked pussy, still damp with my cum..

I kept changing the channel to ensure that there was a song on that was sexy enough to dance like a whore but I didn't stop dancing for more than a few seconds at a time. I was getting hot.. My man could obviously see this because he said 'strip'. I giggled and took the dress and pulled it up over my head and threw it on the floor.. I was now dancing in thigh high boots and a black bra.. There's something about seeing me like this that turns my man on immensely. As I came close to him, he put his hand out to feel my pussy.. It was more wet again now because I was feeling sooo hot and horny. He stood up and took my hand.. 'Come with me'.. He led me to the front door.. 'Get outside!' He commanded. 'But, someone might see me!' I protested.. He opened the door and nudged me slightly. I didn't want to disobey, so I moved slowly out of the door. He smiled at me as I walked hesitantly up the driveway.. 'Out into the road' he said. I laughed, it felt good, after being so hot inside, to be out here in the fresh air, feeling a little tipsy and having my naked pussy out for anyone to see. I walked into the road and looked up and down.. I didn't see anyone but there were lights on in upstairs windows.. Someone may have had a show. My man disappeared for a second and re-appeared with his camera in his hand. I laughed a nervous laugh.. I'd hoped to be back in the house out of view by now but I knew what I should do to keep him happy, so I posed at the side of his car.. I lifted up a leg against the car and smiled.. Then I leant on the car backwards and opened my pussy lips with my fingers, he took a few pictures.. Very horny. After this, I was allowed back in the house with the instruction to take myself upstairs, get out my big pink vibrator and get myself on the bed with it.. Of course, I obliged...

On the bed with the vibrator, I began to tickle my clit with the vibrating ears.. Mmmm.. It felt amazing, I pictured myself dancing for all those people to see, flashing my bum and my pussy.. Being outside for any of the neighbours to see, posing, virtually nude.. I was so turned on that by the time my man got to the bedroom I couldn't wait for him to take the toy from my hand and thrust it into my deliciously wet, dripping hole.. He fucked me hard with it and I screamed with delight, digging my heels into his back and grasping hold of the bedsheets.. I came hard and shoved his face between my legs.. I like to have him eat my cum.. Yum.. That's what you get for being a good girl!