Written by Steve

2 Mar 2012

We have lived next door to Jayne and Billy for a few years and although he can be a miserable bugger Jayne is fine and we could have a damn sight worse couple next door.

Although Jayne has a couple more pounds on her since she had the kids she is still good looking and has a nice shape. I remember one morning the postman had put some mail in our door by mistake so I took it around to their place, Jayne was sitting in the car ready to leave for work and didn't see me, she was reaching behind to put her handbag behind the seat and as I looked in the door window her skirt rode all the way up her legs to give me a fantastic view of her thighs and even a look at her panties through her tan coloured tights.

I was still transfixed when she turned back around and caught me looking, her face flushed as she pulled her skirt down her thighs, the thing which got me was she didn't seem to be in any hurry to arrange herself so I had quite a good look at the nice shapely legs.

A couple of weeks ago Billy went into hospital for some knee surgery, as he needed a specialist knee injury place the hospital was about an hours drive from home. They were having some problems with the car and Jayne had mentioned to my wife that she didn't trust it to get her there and back at the weekend when she intended to visit him.

My wife said that as she was going to be away visiting her relatives up North that I would drive her over to see Billy. Jayne had packed the kids off to her parents for the weekend so I drove her over there and waited for a couple of hours for her to return.

When she got in the car I could see she was upset and a little angry, I asked her what was up and she said Billy had spent the whole two hours being a pain and complaining about everything. As we were driving home I said not to take notice as he was probably in pain from the surgery and didn't mean it, she said you just say that to stick up for him because he's a man, I took her hand and said it's not true and I know he's difficult sometimes.

I gave her fingers a stroke and when I let go the back of my hand touched her leg so I opened my palm and touched her knee below her skirt, I have an automatic car so no need to change gears so as she was making no attempt to push my hand away I stroked her knee then under the hem of her skirt to touch her fleshy leg.

I kept my hand there all the way home just stroking up and down, she closed her eyes and was enjoying being comforted. When we got back Jayne said come in and have drink, I sat on the comy sofa while she mixed us our drinks, she was still not a happy camper so I went over and put my hands arouns her waist as I stood behind her.

She didn't move away so I kissed her cheek then closer to her mouth, she turned around and I felt her soft warm mouth on mine, her tongue was soon in my mouth and I sucked on it. My hands moved under her thin wool sweater and up to her boobs, I touched then through her bra before my fingers went inside to stroke her nipples. She gasped at my touch so I moved my hands round to unclip her bra strap.

I pushed up her top so I could get my mouth on her bare boobs, I licked and sucked her nipples till she could barely stand up, I had taken her top and bra completely off so she was just stood there in her skirt, stockings and shoes having her nipples sucked.

I moved her over to the sofa and sat her down, she was panting and I could tell so excited by the touching and sucking. I moved my hands down to go under the hem of her skirt, I began to ease it up her thighs and run my hands over her legs in the process, I got to upper thigh and came to bare her leg, I went over the stocking top and bare leg to touch her pussy through the lace panties.

The front of her panties was damp and when I pulled the thin material to the side to caress her hairy pussy she was wet through. Her hands had started to get busy on my jeans opening and she very quickly had them down and my penis in her hand. I had her skirt up around her waist and began to pull her panties down her thighs, she lifted her arse up to make it easier to remove them and I stood up to get them over her ankles and shoes.

She had my dick in her hand and while I ran my hand up between her legs to get at her pussy she leaned forward to open her mouth and suck the swollen end of my dick. I took this for a while before I stripped completely and she was laid there just in her dark stockings and suspenders. Her had took my dick and she pulled her knees up to her chest before putting my dick in her pussy.

I fucked her slowly at first before she started to moan and cry out, we were so aroused that we came together were terrific orgasms. She kept het legs clamped around me till I had gone soft. We got tidied up and over drinks she told me that she had always had a much bigger sex drive than Billy and had several guys over the years as he couldn't give her the attention she needed.

We had a kiss in the kitchen before I had to go and I told her about the time I had seen her undies in the car, she said she knew I was looking and she had deliberately kept her legs open so I could see het panties and had been wishing that I had just pulled her tights and panties down and fucked her there and then. I said try it again sometime and we'll see.