Written by Jody

29 Jul 2016

My name is Jody. I am a very normal wife and mother of two to most of our friends and family. But some friends know us better than others.

This is thanks to my wonderful husband, Ben who convinced and pushed me to explore some fun sex outside our marriage. Before I married Ben I had only had sex with two other men and they were long term boyfriends. As far as quality sex they didn’t even qualify compared to what Ben did and how good it felt. He was very experienced and knew how to please.

Our first time with another man was with a chap we contacted through a dating site (we told a few lies about me being single). But when we met I was with my husband and we told the truth and he was more than eager to continue. Our first threesome was incredible. We have seen him many times since even though now he is with a permanent lady. He still finds time for me.

Ben, my husband also likes to watch me. So when I am being fucked by someone in front of him I like it if they do it in several positions but when the lover is about to cum I like to be under him in the missionary position. That’s my favourite. It really feels like the man is having me properly. Sometimes Ben is sitting in a chair watching and I can look sideways and see him and make eye contact. That always sends me over the edge. I know I am being naughty.

My husband isn’t a very jealous person, as he is secure in our relationship and knows that he is my forever love. With other men, it’s just great sex. I am glad we are so much in love would not advise doing this if both partners aren’t completely in love and understanding of each other.

Saying that, there are still times when his emotions get the best of him. It’s usually helpful if he hasn’t had an orgasm for a while. If he has cum he may get anxious and nervous. But it is all fun. Of course I let him reclaim me after being with another man.

But sometimes, and I did this last weekend after a fabulous Saturday night. When our friend left on Sunday morning, I had sex with my husband two times before lunch (we call that reclaiming his wife).

But didn’t let him cum inside of me, I made him pull out and cum on my tits and tummy. It was Monday afternoon before I let him shoot inside me. This was a long and very heated fuck, he gave it his all.

Things like that make it even better for both of us.