Written by Matt

30 Aug 2012

My name is Matt, I'm 45 years old and I own a department store in a small town in the South of England. How I got the store is another story but the point about this is that a lot of women of all ages work for me. I have been able, even despite the recession, to carry on making a reasonable profit and that means that I can look after my staff well. I am not a greedy man, I don't own a big house or an expensive car, I would rather look after the girls who work for me. So I am going to write, this time about just two that I have 'pleasured', this is the first, I was 38 then.

The first was a young girl who started with us when she left school and, at the time I am referring to was eighteen. She was not only a very attractive girl with a great figure but she was extremely good at her work and I promoted her to a floor manager's position despite her age. I also fancied her like mad! One day she was in my office and we had been dicussing some ideas she had to make her department more efficient. At the end of the discussion I said, 'Your boyfriend's a lucky man, you're a very attractive girl.' She blushed and thanked me and then told me that she didn't have a boy friend. I said that I was surprised and she then said, 'Oh, I don't want you to think that I'm some blushing virgin, I've had boyfriends and I started early.' Well there was only one interpretation that I could put on that statement and that was that she had enjoyed sex for some time. When I put that to her she laughed and said, 'Well, it had one benefit and that is to find out that older men are better lovers, generally. I learned that lesson early, boys are only interesed in their own pleasure, older men often learn that pleasing a woman makes for better sex!'

To say that I was astounded was the least of it, but, never slow ro take an advantage I propositioned her, inviting her out for a meal one evening. She accepted immediately.

I picked her up one Saturday evening and drove out to a nice riverside pub/restuarant that I knew. We had a couple of drinks, non-alcoholic in my case, and then had dinner. Afterwards I asked Lucy what she would like to do, she said, 'Are you married?'. I shook my head, 'Well then I've always wondered what sort of place you live in, can we go there?' What do you think the answer was?

Arriving at my flat, which was on the sixth floor of a purpose built block and had a nice view, we had drinks, now alcoholic for me as well, and she wandered round looking at the rooms. Then she said, 'Your bedroom looks nice....' and she held out her hand. Then she said, 'That was a lovely dinner and I always like to show my appreciation.' I followed her into my bedroom where she turned and kissed me, pressing her firm breasts and plump mound against my burgeoning erection.

She was passionate and I returned the favour, she murmured, 'I can feel that you're becoming interested, I'll just slip into the bathroom a minute.' When she came out she was nude, her breasts were so firm they hardly moved as she walked, she was also shaved completely which showed off her lovely swelling mound. I undressed quickly and she admired my seven inch long and considerably thicker than average cock. Then she knelt before me and took it in her mouth, she was adept at sucking cock and I soon had to stop her before I came. I lifted her onto the end of the bed, and, with her legs over my shoulders, returned the compliment. She came quickly gasping and moaning her pleasure. When I maneouvred her up the bed and slid into her tight little cunt she panted, 'I knew I was right about you, you know how to treat a woman!' We kissed passionately and I began to fuck her gently.

She liked it like that for a while but murmured, 'Don't cum yet, Matt, come down and play with my fanny some more.' I exited her cunt and slid down her body and began using my tongue to fuck her and a finger to tease her clit, 'Oh yes!' she panted, 'Like that, I love it like that!' She had a beautiful looking cunt, neat rounded lips, small inner ones and a buried clit. Nevertheless, manually and orally fucking her seemed to be her thing, she began pushing her cunt up at me and pressing the back of my head into all that lovely delicate flesh, screaming out loud, 'Oh yes, you're making me cum! More give me more!' and 'Oh God! I love it I'm going to do it, I can feel it coming! Please, please!' I had no idea what she was talking about and she was obviously very highly aroused and started lifting her whole body up off the bed. Then suddenly she squirted, I'd heard about this but never come across it before. She pushed me away and started masturbating furiously squirting every now and then and soaking me with this fluid, she was in another world.

Then, as suddenly as she began, she stopped squirting and flopped back on the bed, 'Fuck me!' she said, 'Fuck me hard!' So I did, I fucked her the way she wanted for a good ten minutes or so before I shot my load up her and she came again, this time normally. I flopped on her and she hugged me tightly, 'That was wonderful, Matt,' she said, 'very few men have ever made me do that.' I knew, of course that she was referring to her squirting. 'I have never come across that before,' I replied, 'but it was one of the most exciting things I have ever seen, I'm drenched and so is the bed!'

She laughed at that, 'Was it worth it?' 'Of course it was, it was so exciting, I couldn't care less about the way you washed me and flooded the bed! Now I'll return the favour, I don't suppose many men have been able to fuck you multiple times? No? But I can and I fully intend to, I intend to fuck you senseless, you won't get much sleep tonight!' 'I shall look forward to it,' Lucy replied. 'All you have to do, darling, is get me hard again each time, don't worry it's easy enough, and you'll get fucked for a longer and longer period each time.' And that is what I did, I rather lost count after the seventh time, but come the morning my young lover didn't wake up until lunch-time and declared herself absolutely satiated with sex for the first time ever.

Of course it wasn't the last time either, unknown to the rest of the staff, bar one at least, none realised that we were an item for we made as certain as we could that we went to areas where we were unlikely to be seen. Eventually Lucy met someone she wanted to marry so we parted on exceptionally friendly terms and disappeared from my life.

I'll be a day or two before I can tell you about the second opportunity, what I will say is that it was with a lady of some years, experienced but frustrated over some time.