Written by Mary

25 Sep 2008

Now the summer's over, I am back at uni and enjoying most weekends with Sue and Gary who are forever watching dvds of me being groped, fingered and fucked by lots of older guys on holiday, the Spanish 58 year old Ricardo being the oldest I have had so far. But then he could shag for Spain, he was sooo good and could do me three times in a night. My best friend Amy (Gary and Sue's daughter) has also seen all those DVDs and told me on the phone last night she had made herself cum while watching the waiter in a restaurant in Marbella groping my tits and snogging me. It certainly was wild to have a complete stranger coming up behind me and running his hands down my tits and up my top but then he was encouraged to do it by Gary who was practically creaming himself as the wait ran his hands all over me and licked and bit my neck. I badly wanted him to fuck me but he never did. After all we were in a busy restaurant. Last weekend was another big new wild experience for me. Gary and Sue were taking me to a swingers party dressed (you guessed it) in my old school uniform. It is a bit tight (especially the white shirt, straining against my tits) and the dark blue skirt is sooo short it is difficult not to flash my pants when I sit down.I wore a black bra and knickers because older guys seem to like seeing a black bra through a shirt. Can't think why but who cares. Anyway, we had a fair bit too drink before heading off with Sue dressed in the flimsiest low cut mini dress. We agreed (as always) that anything goes as long as we come home together. Gary had given me a going over in the shower and, although I wanted his cock there and then, I had to be content with a fingering and having my tits bitten (love that). After that, he pushed me on the bed and buried his tongue in my pussy, biting my clit until I came screaming and screaming. Sue helped me along with her fingers. Anyway, we got to the party and it was the usual stuff with older guys hitting on me (almost all of them thinking I was Gary and Sue's 16 or 17 year old daughter instead of the 19 almost 20 year old best friend of their own daughter). It turns them on to think that. The host was first to have a go but I wanted to take my time and get the best fuck and not just loads of quick ones like before. Then whack! A guy in his 40s comes up to me and says " I recognise that school uniform" and I realise it is my old teacher from school. Anyway, it was a shock and a huge turn on. I had spent many hours in class at school wondering what Mr Bell would be like in bed and here he was. I went weak at the knees as he leant towards me and in no time we were snogging, his hands went straight to my tits and then up my skirt. He pushed his hand into my knickers and started fingering my pussy, still kissing me deeply with our tongues in each other's mouths. After a few minutes during which I came on his fingers, Gordon (I didnt know his name before) pushed me into a bedroom and then without even pulling my knickers off, was on top of me fucking me hard and making me beg him to cum in my pussy. It was heaven thinking of him in school, watching his sometimes hardish cock straining against his trousers as he was teased by sixth form girls. He kept saying how much he had dreamed of fucking me and how other teachers had talked about how much they all wanted to shag me! Any, we did finally strip off and spent three hours having it every way with him banging my arse as well and wanking all over my face and tits and making me talk about who had shagged me at school and what I had done. It was wild. The best sex for quite a long time - even for me. I didn't get to get it from anyone at that party and Sue and Gary were a bit pissed that I had stayed with Gordon the whole time. But that was an excuse to give me a slap and tie me to the bed when we got home. They made me tell them everything about what Gordon did and also what I had got up to at school. Then Sue fucked me really rough with her strap on - a very nice way to come at 6am after a night of the wildest fantasy and sex. What is it about older men?