Written by worried

22 Oct 2008

Im being used for sex by my wife and I want out = its going too far = its got to stop = it started when she started going out with friends on girls nights out. I suspected she was being unfaithfull and in the end she addmitted it = she laughed and taunted me about the men that she had let her fuck her in cars/woods/car parks/parties then one night she came home telliong me all about the guy and how he used her for sex and spunked into her and it would turn her on she said if I would clean all of his spunk out of her pussy = what was I doing = my cock was as hard as iron = I wanted her bad so I cleaned out her pussy for her = drinking all of the guys spunk = my wife was going wild = she was like a wild animal = Ive never seen her so turned on trouble was so was I = this happened every time she went out = she would come home and tell me of her night out and who and how she had been fucked. I would be straight down on her cleaning her pussy for her and then she would go wild for sex with me = she told me she was going looking for a black guy so I was to be ready when she got home to give her a good clean up = sure enough it happened home she came with the story of a black guy fucking her and I licked her pussy and drank his spunk = I once tried drinking my own spunk but I couldnt bring myself to do it but cleaning my wifes pussy is a real turn on = I just love the taste of all that nice fresh spunk dribbling out of her freshly fucked pussy = but theres a but = she wanting more = she want to bring guys home = she has visions of her being freshly fucked and then me going straight down on her = not only that = while I am cleaning up her pussy she wants me to take the guys cock up my arse = its going too far = wheres/how is it going to end = worried