Written by tdriver12

8 Mar 2008

just a quick recap from part 1 ,getting a blow job from my mates wife kate with a promise of more to come . We had been home two days me thinking it was just a one off when the phone rang it was kate we exchanged some chit chat about flight home etc when she asked if i would pop round to sort out a computer problem for her as mike was away working and would not be home till late i said id be round in 20 mins ,that blowjob racing in my mind i quickly shaved and showerd and went round to kates , my feet hardly touching the ground ,when i knocked on her back door she lent out of the bed room window and told me to let myself in ,lock the door and come up on reaching the top of the stairs kate said im in here i opened the bedroom door and what a sight greeted me for laying sideways on the bed was kate wearing a black red trimed basque which hardly kept her firm 38inch tits in , black stockings hold ups and the diantiest black lace thong , on seeing her my prick stood to attention ,she said why dont you strip off and jion me i always keep my promises within a less than a minute i was stood directly in front of her completly starkers sporting a massive hard on , she got on all fours facing me then we kissed like lovers should do exploring each others mouths with our tounges the feel of her silk basque sending shock waves to my balls,she said she had wanted to feel my prick in all her holes since the night in the hotel bedroom then she started kissing my neck then my stomach untill she reached my cock where she fist licked the swolled bell end then the whole of the shaft untill she reach my balls taking one in her mouth to orally massage while she stroked my now rampant cock with her hand after about three or four minutes of this i was near to coming and told her so she said she wanted it all inside her pussy .She broke away and i joined her on the bed kissing and caressing her neck and breasts her breathig geting heavier as i slipped my hand inside the front of her thong to feel the smoothest and wettest pussy between my fingers , after gently rubbing and teasing her clit i slipped one then two then three fingers in this sent kate into raptures as the first of many orgasms ripped thro her body i could not wait to taste her juices so i slipped off her thong and put my head between her thighs her pussy was absolutly soaking and as i started to suck and lick her clit and her engored pussy lips sent kate into another orgasmic spasm, icould not hold back any longer and got between her legs and put my cock at the entrance of her pussy slowly inserting two inches of cock feeling her pussy muscles grabbing my shaft as i thrust the whole eight inches into her throbing pussy kate came and came agian as i increased my thrusting ,getting close to cumming i got her to get on all fours and put my cock in her doggy style this making kate push back with every thrust i made after five minutes and kate moaning i couldnt hold back any longer and fill her womb with what seemed like buckets of cum with that we both colapsed on the bed wih kate kissing and thanking me .As we layed there cooling down kate moved her head onto my lap starting to lick and suck my cock back to life while fingering herself as soon as i was rock hard agian kate said she like to try somthing different and took a rampant rabbit out of the bedside drawer saying this is the only thing shed had in a long time ,after she;d swiched it on in the pulsing mode she inserted into her pussy and turned round pointing her arse at me and saying she wanted to try double penitration with me in her arse how could i resist ilubed my prick with her pussy juice and pushed the end of my cock into her virgin arse slowly pressing till half was in i asked if she was alright which she said she wanted more and to treat her rough islowly to push in and out with kate purring with every movement, the vibrations from the rabit sending me wild after evey shove i couldnt hang on and filled her expanded arse with red hot spunk kate going balistic as another powerfull orgasm ripped through her seding streams of love jiuce on to the bed .Thats two holes filled now for the next she said leading me into the shower where she washed me and gave me another blowjob completely empting what spunk i had left.