Written by Helen

8 May 2018

It was a great start to the holiday, but my pal had got in tow with a really hunky guy and I didn't see her until the end of the holiday, when she came to collect her case.

It wasn't a problem as I managed to occupy my time.

I went along to one of the older nightclub not far from Hotel Orange and sat with a group of women on a hen break. We were all quite merry and I was thinking of going back to the hotel, when a large group of guys came in. With 20 minutes they'd integrated themselves in the female group and the drink and suggestions were flying about. I was up dancing with a couple of the guys who found my bottom therapeuti, as they wouldn't let go. I managed to get it off with one of them, leaving the group and heading back across the road to orange. He was definitely further gone than me as we're stumbled into the lift. I had my card in my hand ready for the lift arriving at my floor. We entered the room and in seconds we were naked falling onto the bed. I was quite damp so when his cock slid in I didn't flinch but came immediately on the second push. He was about average or maybe slightly smaller.

He pulled out and got me onto my knees. I was soaking now and he started lubricated my anus, but still fingering my pussy. Inside he went sliding his beautiful cock deep inside. He started slow pushing in and out, then increased his pace until eventually he shot his load deep inside me. Because my hole is much tighter than my pussy, he managed to keep it in until it started to grow again,. Fortunately his load was enormous so my hole was still well lubricated. Again he was deep diving very slowly whilst finger me. I came at least 4 more times until my orgasm felt continuous. My body was shaking and kept shacking after he'd come and pulled out. I couldn't seem to stop, but obviously eventually did. We fell asleep together shortly after.

I woke up to the sound of the shower and it was obvious my Prince Charming was having shower. I decided to go into the bathroom beside him, getting in behind and played with his cock and balls. I managed to get a really good lather going. He wanted to fuck again, as he put it, but the bath was not the place. He took my hand and lead me onto my balcony, where once again I found myself leaning on the handrail and a nice firm cock pushing in and out of me. He whispered in my ear asking if I wanted it up my arse again, as he found me tight and was able to come easier. It turned out to be a repeat of the night before, shooting, shrinking, growing and shooting again.

We arranged to meet the following night for more fun