Written by PINKS

26 Jun 2009

J and i had only been seeing each other for a while and the me travelling down to Leeds almost every evening after work was taking it's toll on my bank balance. J had got herself into debt with the guy where she kept her horse. She owed him around a hundred pounds and he was getting a little testy about waiting for it. On one of the days i didn't go down to see her, Bert (the yardowner) had summoned her into his bungalow to talk about the arrears in her rent. Bert made it quite clear that if she couldn't give him the money soon he would have to take her horse to the sale and get his money that way. When she told me i was all set to go and punch the old guy but she said that it would make things worse and that his son was a real meat head who only spoke with his fists. J went on to say that Bert had said she should either come up with the money or find another way of paying him. J said that another girl who had horses there before had said that she let Bert touch her up a few times to get the rent arrears down. I didn't have the money to lend J but said she would be mad to get involved with that sort of arrangement (but i did find the idea a bit horny). J and i went to the yard the next evening and J aksed me to feed her horse while she went to see Bert, she was very nervous but went and knocked on his door all the same.

J appeared after about ten minutes and looked ok but was very quiet, we went back to her flat with a cheap bottle of plonk where she told me that she had no other option than to pay some of the bill in other ways. I quizzed her about what had been said and she told me that Bert wanted her to do a lite housework and 'be nice' to him for a few weeks to get the bill down. I wanted details about what nice meant and she said that she took it to mean that he would probably just touch her a bit while she was in the bungalow. After the wine had hit the right spot J and i had great sex and i kept thinking of the seventy year old man touching her while she cleaned his house. I suggested that when she was going to do his housework i would go down and see her and keep an eye on things so they didn't get out of hand. I hatched this plan that every room she went in she would turn on the light and open the curtains and then if he did get a bit too strong i could intervene. J felt a bit easier about it and actually apologised for involving me (little did she know i found the whole voyeur bit so horny). The first time she went round she knocked at the door while i went to feed the horse, i threw its feedbucket in the stable and legged it over to the bungalow garden being sure not to miss out. As i stood outside the kitchen window i could hear Bert telling J that she should start by putting new sheets on his bed, with me not knowing the layout of the bungalow all i could do was wait until a light went on and made my way to the window. Sure enough J opened the curtains a little and had the light on, i peered into the window to see J taking off some very grubby sheets from the double bed. I noticed Bert had followed her in and stood in the doorway while she made herself busy. Bert was leering at her as she bent to and fro across the bed and was talking to her as she worked, whilst i couldn't hear all of what he was saying i got the jist that he was asking her if she would tke her jumper off so he could see her a bit better, J took off her jumper and he took it from her and held it to his nose, he smiled when he smelt it and mutterd a compliment. As J pulled the blankets on the bed Bert got behind her and held his hand on her arse, she was wearing a black pencil skirt and it surprised her and she let out a little yelp. Bert laughed and said something about her getting used to it. As J faced him he pointed to her chest and laughed while he just squeezed her right breast, J looked uncomfortable with it but let him take his handful as agreed. By this time i had a hard on and could see my girlfriend being groped by an old guy but it was so horny i took out my cock and started to stroke it. J asked Bert what else needed doing and Bert pointed to the washing basket and as J pulled the stuff out i could see Bert fumbling with his trousers and getting his cock out, i wanted to knock on the window and warn her but was frozen with curiosity about how far he would push his luck. As J turned round he rubbed his cock so that she could see it and told her that if she would rub it a bit she could go for tonight, he took J's hand and held it on his cock and when J carried on the wanking motion he let go and undid her blouse front, telling her to carry on or else! J rubbed him for ages and his cock got bigger and bigger as the time went on and during that time he lifted her bra over her tits and he pulled her nippples roughly. The rush of blood to his cock took it's toll and he said he had to sit down, which he did on the side of the bed, all the time holding J's hand on his now very big cock. J obviously wanted to get it all over and done with and rubbed him furiously with both hands as he admired her tits wobbling through the momentum. J was knelt in front of Bert and he shook more and more the closer he got to a climax and at one point he held J's head and i thought he was going to sink it into her mouth but he just put his head on top of hers and appeared to smell her hair. I was wanking myself furiously outside and climaxed just as he shot his load all over her skirt. Bert got very depressed after he came and just said she could go and she got up and left him there on his bed, put her breasts away and tidied herself. I had just enough time to get my cock away before she appeared. I did the dutiful thing and called Bert all the mucky bastards under the sun when we discussed it on the way to her flat, she showered when we got in and we still had good sex afterwards. I looked forward to the five visits that she subsequently made to Berts and will save them for another time depending on the feedback but sufffice to say the last and final payment involved Bert asking if he could watch J and i have sex in his bed.......happy days!