Written by Mike

7 Dec 2017

This is an account of something that happened in the early eighties. Some friends and I had just left school, and waiting to go to university or onto work. We decided to go to Majorca for two weeks as we knew we would not see much of each other once our new stages in life had begun. I was quite a fit, athletic guy then; I had had a few relations with both guys and women.

I was sharing a room with Dave, he was my best friend and had been throughout our years at school. Dave was a very good looking young guy, very fit and sexy. I had fancied him for years but thought he was straight. It was wonderful seeing him naked, a beautiful bubble arse and a good size cock. I have been blessed with a large cock and he did make some comments, but a lot of guys had when in the sports showers so I did not think much of it.

We all spent lots of time at the pool sunbathing and Dave had an amazingly sexy thing to get the best tan, leaving his very sexy arse out to view, I had to make sure I did not get a hard on. On the second day late afternoon we went to our rooms to shower and after Dave had showered he asked if I would rub some after sun on his back. I said of course, without sound too keen! I rubbed his back and he told me not to forget his arse. I very gently rubbed the after sun into his arse and as I did he opened his legs more and I started to rub the inside of his legs and "accidentally stroked his balls he made some agreeable noises and raised himself so I could get to his cock. I out my hand underneath him and rubbed his cock which was rick hard, I then started to finger his arse, and he was clearly enjoying it, soon I had three fingers inside, he said I knew you were bi, fuck me. I was rock hard too, and I put some after sun on my cock and slowly entered him, he found it a bit painful at first, because of my size, but soon he was enjoying it, once fully in I fucked him hard. After a while he turn over I had his legs over my arms and fucked him like a slug, years of pent up lusting coming out in one fuck. After a while I tended and came inside him.

We lay together kissing and playing with each other's nipples and cocks. Dave admitted he was completely gay and the girl friends had been a cover. However, a mutual friend, a bit older than us, had fucked both of us and told Dave he had fucked me when Dave told him he fancied me. He had been determined to have me on holiday. We kissed and played some more, he rimmed my arse very deeply, I love being rimmed, then he fucked me I told him I like it rough and he was very good at it.

We joined the others for dinner had drinks and we both went up to bed early and spent a few hours playing, sucking and fucking. We spent the rest of the holiday having sex together, even picking up a very sexy Spanish waiter for threesome.

When we got back to the UK Dave went to work fir an airline and I went up to Oxford, so we on,y saw each other spasmodically, but when we did we fucked. I was introduced to a work mate of another ex school friend, he was a very sexy guy who I immediately thought was gay and he was, a very good tight arse. I introduced him to Dave and we had some great sex together

I last saw Dave in 1988 he came to stay for a weekend. Sadly he contracted serious food poisoning and died, he was so young.