Written by E & E

12 Feb 2007

I told you about the first time my best friend fucked my wife. It only went on for a few weeks one summer. Most of the time he came in the house had coffee and chatted, then went upstairs and had a fuck.

This time things were slightly different and I still find myself playing with my cock and having a wank whenever I think of this encounter.

Whenever I went to his house or he came to ours we would generally give a quick knock

on the door, shout hello and then come in.

So as usual R did this and this is how E recounted the afternoon to me.

I heard R, said come in and continued with what I was doing.

I was standing in the kitchen, looking out of the window onto the garden, it was a bright sunny day and I was wearing my flowered pattern flared skirt, the one just above my knees, a white blouse and panties, my hold ups and high heels.

R came in and came up behind me, slipping his arms round my waist, cupping my tits with both hands, before gently kissing my neck and shoulders. He moved his left hand to my neck, still cupping my tit in the other and moved my hair off my shoulders and started kissing and nuzzling my neck. As we pressed together I could feel his hard cock against my arse and I could feel my nipples hardening as he continued to cup and squeeze my tits.

My breathing was becoming slightly heavier as he started to unbutton my blouse, working his way from the top toward my waist until my blouse was unbuttoned. He pulled my blouse away from my tits, still kissing and nuzzling my neck. He whispered he was pleased to find that I was wearing my front fastening bra and soon undid the clips, pulling my bra away and freeing my tits. My nipples were so firm and hard as he squeezed them with his thumb and forefinger my breathing became even heavier.

He moved his hand down to the hem of my skirt and started to pull it up, past my thighs to my stocking tops, then sliding his hand to my soaking wet panties, pressing his fingers gently into my slit before rubbing his hand up and down my pussy through my wet panties. I could feel my panties getting wetter and wetter as he rubbed my pussy. I could feel his hand moving to the top of my panties, slipping his hand inside and moving down to my pussy, he was still cupping and squeezing my tit with his other hand and still nuzzling and kissing my neck.

I could feel his fingers gently rubbing my clit and I slid my hand behind me and onto his hard cock, feeling the length of it through his trousers. As his fingers slid into my hole I threw my head back and slightly arched my back allowing me to feel his cock, squeezing it as I continued to feel up and down its’ length.

He turned me round and kissed my on the lips, he is such a good kisser, my skirt was still round my waist and his hand between my legs, rubbing my pussy through my soaking wet panties.

He then guided me to the table and laid me back over it, holding my blouse and bra open, admiring my tits and erect nipples. He pushed my skirt up round my waist as I lay on the table and I felt him looking at my soaking panties, he could see the line between the wet part around my pussy and the drier part nearer my waist. He took hold of the top of my panties and began to take them off, I eased my bum off the table, my heart pounding with excitement as he quickly took them down, my legs were tingling as I felt him taking them down, down over my stocking tops, down to my knees then down the remainder of my legs, over my ankles and off completely.

He got down on his knees and then pushed my legs apart and moved his face to my pussy.

He was kissing my pussy lips gently up and down my slit again and again before sliding his tongue up and down my pussy, drinking in my lovely sweet cum. At the same time he put two fingers in my hole, gently sliding them in and out, not too hard, before replacing his fingers with his tongue, slipping it as far as he could put it into my hole, he could feel my hips thrusting as he swallowed my cum.

“Fuck me” I shouted, “fuck me, I want your cock, fuck me”.

He moved to stand up, kissing my body as he did, up to my stomach, I could feel his tongue on my belly button, then further up my body he moved, to my tits, taking my nipple in his teeth and flicking it with his tongue.

“Put it in” I shouted, “put it in”.

He stood up and unzipped his trousers, getting his cock out. As he held it to my pussy I moved my hand down and took hold of it pulling it against my hole. Again I said, “Put it in I want to be fucked”

He slid his cock into my hole; right in as far as it would go, our groins touching. I could feel his cock moving inside me as he ground our groins together, slowly and gently, his cock moving inside me, touching the sides of my pussy as he moved it round. At the same time his thumb was gently rubbing at the entrance to my hole, gently rubbing my clit.

His other hand was squeezing my tit and rubbing my nipple between his thumb and finger. My body had never felt anything like it, as he withdrew his cock I could feel

cum running out of my pussy and down into my bum. I lost count of the number of orgasms I had, it just felt as one finished another started

He took hold of my hips and started moving his cock in and out, fucking a little harder as he built up the tempo, pulling me onto his cock as he thrust it in. He was fucking me harder and harder, in and out, in and out. I can feel his cock swelling as his cum started to rise. I knew he was nearly there and was screaming as I cum again and again.

He couldn’t hold on any longer and I felt his cum burst out, filling my hole. His breathing was very erratic and heavy as his cock slowly softened inside me and our cum started to run out of my hole and onto the top of my legs.

I then sat up and we kissed passionately, my legs were open and he was standing between them, fingering my soaking wet pussy, my blouse open and my tits and firm nipples pressed against his chest. I held his soft wet cock, wet with my cum, squeezing it as we kissed.

Now you know why I wank over that. I wish I had been there, watching her being fucked like that.

Yes we still have a drink and play golf together and no he doesn’t know that I know.

My handicap is lower than his, in more ways than one according to my wife and she should know.