Written by funnycunnylunny

24 Jun 2014

This is going to sound really tame considering other peoples posts but I thought I would share it anyway.

My best mate is married to Tina, a 42 yr old redhead. She is quite a good looking girl, I would say a size 16 38c boobs. Anyway my mate had mentioned that he had been having trouble with the reception on his telly and I agreed to pop round and take a look sometime. He said that if he wasn't home usually Tina or one of the kids would be in.

A couple of weeks ago I was in his neighbour hood when I thought I would pop round in the off chance that someone was home to take a look and see what I could do.

I went to the front door, knocked but it seemed there was no one home. I was about to turn and leave when I thought I would check around the back as being a lovely sunny hot day someone might be in the back garden. I peeped over the fence and I could hear a radio playing so I leant over, undid the catch and let myself in. As I walked along the path I could see that someone was laid face down on a sun lounger. As I got closer I noticed that it was Tina and she was topless and had on a pair of fairly loose fitting shorts. I thought I had better not scare her so I called out to her.

As she turned her head to face me I explained my reason for popping by. She explained that it was the bedroom telly and why don't I go up and have a look at it. So I left her there sunning herself and went upstairs. The master bedroom faces the back of the house and as I entered I noticed that the bed still hadn't been made. I chuckled to myself thinking lazy cow. I switched on the telly and sure enough the reception was fairly poor. I located the aerial cable and traced it back towards the window. I had a clear view of where Tina was laid. I thought I had better get on with what I came to do so looked about the room for the aerial socket. I wasn't able to locate it at first then thought that maybe it was behind the bed so I sat on the bed to bend over and look and it was then I felt something hard. I tugged at the duvet to move whatever it was that I had sat on and it was then that I uncovered Tina's vibrator. As I touched it, it felt slightly sticky, and I don't know why but I picked it up and placed it to my nose. I could clearly smell pussy juices on it. I just couldn't resist licking it to try to taste her but sadly it didn't really taste of much. I stood and looked out of the window and down to where Tina was laid. Suddenly she listed herself up on her elbows and I caught a side glimpse of her breasts. My cock was reacting and I couldn't help but feel my cock through my trousers. More was yet to come when Tina turned over and sat up giving me a full view of her tits. Brushing off them she leant over picked up her t shirt and started to pull it over her head. She then heading indoors so I hurriedly started locating the cable just in time as Tina walked into the room.

It was then that I realised I hadn't put the vibrator back where it was found, and Tina could see that I had found it.

Going a shade of red she quickly threw the duvet over it and said sorry. I laughed and said no worries. She then said she was going to take a quick shower to cool down whilst I did the aerial.

I heard her go into the shower room, and I peeped out, I could just make out her shape through the frosted glass. I could make out her pulling her t shirt over her head and bending to wiggle out of her shorts. Then she was in the shower.

I returned to the aerial which just needed the plug redoing to make it a better connection. I was just finishing when Tina stepped back into the room just a towel wrapped round her, her red hair looked amazing all wet and shiney.

All done I said and went to turn on the telly to check it was ok now... she seemed to want to stop me.. but it was too late, the screen came on and I was presented with a view of her bed. Strange I thought at first then realised that the laptop in the room was connected to the telly and it was on the camera was on.

It started to dawn on me what had been happening earlier and I think Tina realised I had twigged. She suddenly started spluttering about please don't tell Pete and proceeded to explain that she had been "performing for a 'friend'" online. I asked why connect it to telly and she said so she could watch the 'friend' whilst she played for him.

I said something like lucky guy and no I wont tell Pete, what you do is your business, and no harm was done was it.

Why lucky she asked? so I just said cos you have a hot body. Thanks she said, then just opened her towel, just like that, you like? she said. Silly question lol.

She then laid on the bed and opened her legs showing off her smooth pussy and started to rub it. watch me, I love being watched she said. I watched as she rubbed and fingered her pussy. Then she said let me watch you. my cock was so hard I wasn't going to say no. Down came my trousers, whipping out my cock I started to wank watching Tina playing. Soon her vibrator was working its way into her pussy. I was nearing coming and Tina sensed this, took hold of my cock and took over wanking it. It wasn't long before I was jetting my cum over her tits and belly. After I had finished cumming Tina laid back and fucked herself with the vibrator till she came too. After she had calmed down we just dressed and shortly after I left, not much else being said apart from pleasantries.

Pete after thanked me for fixing the telly and said Tina is really grateful, only had good words to say about me. Well I know her secret so she would have wouldn't she lol.