Written by Rockstar

28 Mar 2017

So I'd been questioning Ashley about what really turned her on and the reply was always the same, you do.

But I pressed and pressed and eventually (with my cock deep inside her ) she confessed that she had always been a bit bi_curious.

We spent the afternoon in each others Arms imagining what type of women she could be happy with.

Well my horny mind was set in motion as to surprise her and when.

The scene was set a nearby hotel and both had a day away from work and family.

I had been talking to an ex girlfriend for ages and knew she was bisexual . About 35 dark haired big tits and a pussy I could. Lick forever.

Julie was the Horniest person I knew (until Ashley) and it didn't take much persuading for her to meet someone I described as her blonde equivalent.

I arrive at the same time as Ashley and walked up to the reception and signed in as Mr & Mrs Brown we made our way to the room to check it out.

Ashley wanted to fuck me there and then but I insisted on a drink at the bar to relax us both.

So we're sat in the bar both having a g & t when I spotted Julie comming in the bar.

She sat on the other side of the Room and gave me a quick.

I made my excuses and want to the toilet I was in a state of turmoil but had to let Julie work her magic

I left it for what sent like an age but returned to see Ashley sat talking to Julie. Ashley introduced Julie to me and I sat down opposite the pair of them.

We chatted for a while and I asked why Julie was here alone and she replied she had been waiting for her female lover but she had cried off at the last minute.

Ashleys face lit up and they and a girly giggle saying we were here for the same reason.

Julie said she was jealous because that's why she had come and spoken to Ashley trying her luck. I winked at Ashley and she blushed.

Well they got on like an house on fire and we're soon comparing clothes, boobs, shaven or not, cars choice on men n women, sexual positions you name it it came in to the conversation.

I interrupted and asked if they wanted me to leave them alone laughing they said sorry and paid me a spot of attention.

Well Julie said i had better leave you to lovebirds to it and set off to leave when Ashley Said why not join us, looking at me hard I knocked and the scene was set.

We all got in the lift and I kissed Ashley hard on the lips while Julie ran her hands over Ashleys body .

Her breathing became hard and she held.onto me tightly.

The doors opened and we walked.down to our room together all in silence.

I opened the door and let the two ladies inside

They stood before me as if mesmerised and I broke the silence by saying Ashley meet Julie Julie meet Ashley.

Want to hear more????????