22 Sep 2019

This is a short story compared to most but a new thing has just happened on holiday. It's not very filthy or graphic but has a certain eroticism that captured how I feel about Mrs N and my relationship.

By sheer chance our my best friend happened to be on the Algarve with us. He was in next resort up the road. Anyway we agreed to meet up one evening and go out partying. Well as you do lots of drink flowed and we ended up in a quiet bar with an English couple running it. We got chatting and dancing and they played absolutely anything we wanted so Mrs N was soon dancing like no tomorrow. My mates eyes were on stalks as she has a lovely body and the dress clung to her curves. I could tell he wanted her badly.

So anyway about 3 AM we were all very tiddly and we piled into the taxi to go back to our Villa as I agreed that G could stay the night on the lounge put you up.

All very sweet and innocent so far but after a quick coffee I asked them if the pair of them would like me to leave them and if they wanted they could have a snog or whatever as I was tired and needed to get off to bed. I didn't get much of a reply as I think they were a bit stunned by my announcement but I just left the room to see if they fancied a cuddle.

I went off to bed and I suppose they exchanged a few words for 2 or 3 mins. It was very very early in morning, about 4 am so I think they just decided to go for it. I had got into bed, cock in hand, Someone closed the door to the lounge and to be fair I heard very little for next 20 mins or so, even though I went to the door and strained to listen. Door was too good though :(

So I went back to bed and lay there waiting for them to finish like a good hubby does. After a while the bedroom door opened and she went to the loo. She took off her clothes and got straight into bed. I knew she was knackered and didn't want sex with me but I asked if I could lick her fanny for a few mins. I went down on her and although she'd been to loo it was all sticky and musky and I enjoyed the left over cream pie. I so wanted to slip in her but it was just so late. I asked her if they'd fucked and she replied rather enigmatically" maybe". I knew they had though. I could smell it.

So although the event itself was short and sweet and just a fuck I’ve enjoyed the cuck head fuck by asking them about it after. I went in the lounge the next day and said “Hi mate. Good night”. He was on cloud 9. My mate knows I am a swinger and it was lovely to help him out. He is going through the mill with a horrible divorce and it was good to show him what life can be like on the other side of it.

So we chatted. I asked him who closed the door as I said it was a nice touch. He said she did but when I asked her later she said he did LOL. Naughty Naughty. Someone is telling porkies.

I had to run him down into the village taxi rank so as we did we talked a little and I told him about how I’d cleaned her. He was amazed that I’d do that. I told him that what she did makes me love her more than ever. Of course he wants to do it again sometime but not sure if She will as it could be a case of what goes on holiday stays on holiday. So I dropped him off and returned to our Villa.

The fun bit for me was asking questions about those 20 mins or so. To be honest She is a fairly private person and is a bit shy about giving away the details but that in itself is very erotic. I teased out fact she had sucked his cock. I asked her how big it was and she said it was good, but no more than that which is very enigmatic and such a head fuck. I asked her if he spunked her which of course I knew he had and she said yes but hoped he was clean and there would be no consequences from that. We normally play with condoms when we meet off here so I was amazed how easily he had got to fuck her without rubbering up. It was lovely to be honest and made me very proud of her. I asked her if she would do it again and she is worried about it coming out at the tennis club as it could be very awkward if anyone found out. I’ve asked G not to let anyone know under any circumstances, perhaps once the dust has settled and no consequences emerge we can do a repeat with a little more time devoted to it. We’ll see eh.