Written by penny squirrel

27 Sep 2010

Im writin this 4 my soulmate/lover/soon 2b partner as he has askd me 2 write our TRUE account of how we went from friends 2 lovers..this is 4u john..i love u totally completely madly.im 5'3 funlovin petite long haired blonde..blue eyes..tiny waist...big curvy ass which men luv..firm pert tits wi amazing big nipples which i LOVE being sucked & bit really hard as it makes my clit throb & swell & gets my pussy wet & ready...john says my body has bin made 4 fuckin!we hav both turned 40 this yr & been lifelong friends from starting the same high school.john is totally gorgeous..sexy manly big guy wi sparkly blue eyes..spikey dark blonde hair..amazing deep manly voice..permanently stiff cock!!big beaming smile..we neva stop laughing n gettin up2 mischief n hav always brought out each others naughty side from bein kids...we use 2 liv nr each otha as teenagers n even then people thought we were more than friends as we were so good 2getha..peas in a pod..though up until v.recently,purely platonic...a deep affection & bond deepened even throughout relationships/marriages..we hav always loved understood n respected each otha n been able 2 share jokes/secrets as only lifelong friends can...we lost touch 4 a number of years through life & circumstances & hav been back in touch 4 a couple of years.we hav been meetin up wheneva we can 4 lunch/coffee n a catch-up n its like weve neva been apart..a couple o months ago we decided 2 go 4 a nite out n do lunch the nex day..johns wife understandably wouldnt hav let this happen,tho she knows me from school n knows we hav always bin purely platonic..it was gettin v.difficult 4 john 2 meet me due 2 grief he got from home ova it and it was simply easier 2 meet in secret..this added an element of naughtiness & rebellion 2 our time 2getha n we use 2 plan it callin it operation "sneak-off" sayin it was like havin an affair without the sex!he didnt like being secretive but didnt want 2 lose touch or lose me as a friend so decided 2 jus not tell her n say he was working..he works away overnite a lot anyway n suggested we spend some real quality time 2getha n stay ova at mine..it was me that suggested we stay over in manchester in a hotel so we cud not worry bout driving..i booked it as my treat n ensured it was twin beds..we checked in & enjoyed a bottle of champers in the room..we both said it felt a bit weird but we know each other so well n felt it was also fun & exciting n neither of us ever imagined how the nite wud unfold!i dressed in a tight black t-shirt dress & high platform black shoes & leopard print bra & french knickers...john looked sexy in tight black t-shirt n smelt of gorgeous chanel allure aftershave afta his shower n i started him then as not jus my mate but as a v.attractive man..comfortable in his own skin n confident in who he was..i like a strong man as it appeals 2 my sexual desires 2b taken roughly by a real man who knows what hes doing with a lady...we went 4 a lovely intimate meal in a restaurant in the northern quarter then onto a bar..we had spoke of relationships as friends do n we knew we both hav a wild naughty side..i was a bit rampant during a previous relationship & had chatted 2 john bout my secrets n during the evening he confided that he missed the wild sex he had enjoyed with his 1st wife as his current wife is v.straight laced & would never agree 2 the wilder kinkier stuff not being open minded..he cares 4 her & respects her but is not sexually fulfilled as a man..he told me he use 2 go 2 swingin clubs & his 1st wife use 2 love having sex with him & another man n he use 2 enjoy watching her get fucked by some1 else...this intrigued n stirred my curiosity & being a broad-minded person i said if he wanted 2 go 2 a club i wud go with him!not really meaning or expecting us 2 end up doin anythin 2getha but i jus wanted 2c wot went on.before we knew it we were in a taxi on our way as he looked up 1 nearby on his fone..i honestly didnt know what 2 expect & i went partly out of nosiness & because im the type of person who loves new experiences..we paid..walked in & it was a bit of a shock 2c a porn film showing & lots of naked men standing around in towels!!we were handed towels & told 2 get changed...we went 2 the locker room 2 get changed & i was giggling as i thought it was so random & surreal & i felt like a fish outta water!! john said we could go if i wanted but i thought in 4 a penny in 4 a pound!!but i told him i needed a few drinks 2 relax!!we got drinks & sat on a couch...in our towels!! n me the swingin virgin standin out like a nun in a brothel!!!literally!my heart was pounding with a mixture of excitement & embarrassment at bein at a sex club with my platonic male friend!with a porn film playin of a woman friggin herself off n evry1 us...i couldnt stop giggling!!as the nex 2 wines started 2 take effect & relax me i started 2 get use 2 my surroundings..it was a pretty quiet nite,thursday.."greedy girl nite!"john the swingin expert informed me it was 4 women who liked 2 get fucked by lots of men!we went 4 a look round..it was all a bit cheesy but strangely homely & cosy...the ladies who worked there made me feel welcome & comfortable & i felt totally safe wi john 2 look after me & ward off unwanted advances..there were viewing rooms..private rooms..sauna showers..jacuzzi..big cosy comfy corners evrywhere wi orangey romantic lighting...we sat back down nr the bar where there were 3 women & about 8 men..1 of the women was v.sexy in a tight blue dress,killer heels..slim..tanned..not particularly busty but natural.i was watching the men all chattin & flirting with her & 1 started 2 run his hands up her leg & push his fingers in2 her as they all continued chatting...i was slightly embarrassed 2b watching but also found it extremely erotic ..like i was watchin sumthin i shouldnt...john had his head facing me & couldnt c but i was tellin him wot was goin on..he jus took it all in his stride..which further relaxed me..after anotha couple of minutes her dress was pulled down exposing her small tanned breasts & a man was gently kissing & caressing her as the others carried on chatting..i could c their erect penises & i started 2 get v.aroused & found i was no longer giggling...1 of the other women then knelt in front of her & began gently licking at her now exposed pussy as the men caressed her body as they slowly stroked their cocks..b4 2 long they went in2 an area opposite us which was behind sheer curtains with seating area & a large velvet pouffe..she knelt on the pouffe on all fours with her arse high in the area inviting all the men 2 do whateva they wanted 2 her..some were sat round simply watching but 5 of them were naked & enjoying her body..i said 2 john.."come on..lets watch!"not i 2 miss anythin n always wantin 2b where the action is..i sat nex 2 her...the only other woman..i love the company of men anyway n felt totally comfortable n im sum1 who believes that if it feels good...do it!we sat enjoying watching 5 men take turns sticking their cocks in her,gettin sucked off & ridden...she was totally luvin it n cudnt get enuf of em...john..ever the gentleman..quietly sat lettin me enjoy the show...n i said.."john,go on...feel her tits"this turned me on...tellin him wot 2 do...n seein my friend gently cupping her breast as she rode a man sat nex 2 us as the others all stood round wankin...at this point i started 2 feel a bit of a prick tease..a cheat...n removed my towel...i gently whispered "this is 4 u" & leaned over & kissed her as she moaned whilst riding 1 of the 5 men as the others watched n played with their stiff cocks...as our lips met i could smell the cocks she had been sucking..they wanked harder & faster as they watched a bit of girl-on-girl..john gave me a reassurring hug n b4 we knew it we kissed...right there...4 the first time...in a sex club...it was a mad random strangely beautiful moment...erotic ..sexy..n the intimacy..love..n lifetime of trust n amazing depth of feeling we had 4 each other is 1 of the most tender sweet crazy moments of my life...john initiated it but i was more than eager 2 respond...all the frustrations,worries n fears of crossing a friendship line disappeared there n then & a new deeper bond formed in both of us that nite...a depth 2 our love 4 each other that neither expected..it was as if the moment totally belonged 2 jus the 2 of us n was typically crazy 4 us 2!i was completely at ease n thought "when in rome..."we then went 4 a walk n found the jacuzzi empty..u got in as i removed my clothes 2 join u..u gazed upon my naked body 4 the very 1st time..i felt slightly awkward n vulnerable at u my body as a man 4 the 1st time n my heart was beatin faster but i could hardly get in with my underwear on!as u hugged me from behind n caressed my breasts u gently whispered in my ear that i had beautiful firm tits..another man joined us but he was physically not appealing 2 me n u politely told him he cud look but not touch...my man lookin afta me..keepin me safe n secure..we then dried off n put our towels back on n continued exploring where we found a private bedroom with mirrors,a double bed & a porn film showing.It may seem hypocritical due to where we was n i was v.v.horny n i hav a high sex drive but i wanted it 2b a bit private when we enjoyed each other fully so we didnt hav intercourse until we got back 2 the hotel but we had fun & a play in a private room with anotha man...he was toned.fair haired about our age.called "andy"..friendly n seemed a regular family guy who was jus there 4 fun so we invited him in where we told him it was our 1st time 2getha n he respected this n simply enjoyed watchin me gently rubbin my drippin wet throbbin pussy as i got off on bein naked wi 2 men...n as we all lay there on the bed 2getha touchin n caressin.. i fulfilled 1 of my all time fantasies of both suckin a nipple each as i look down n c 2 mens heads on my breasts...a vision which gets me off within minutes weneva i rememba it..once i came i luvd tellin u both 2 wank yrselves 4 me 2 watch as i continued 2 stroke my stil throbbin pussy 4u both until u both came 2getha as we all moaned & groaned. we then sat at the bar n i knelt on a barstool as evry1 looked on..all my inhibitions thrown aside..enjoyin the naughtiness of the nite n a woman licked my wet pussy as she gently wanked u as i watched..when we left we were both so amazingly desperate 4 each other that i parted my legs in the taxi back 2 the hotel as u rubbed my stil swollen clit b4 enjoying me fully when we were alone....since that nite it has been totally amazing n u r all the man i eva want n need n i luv bein naughty & experiencin new sensations & times with u...the wild uninhibited no holds barred times..but also the times we hold each otha tenderly n caress n gently tease n show our love...it has made u realise that ur not with yr soulmate at home n this has been so perfect & right n u want me always & forever as yr woman...we know its gonna b a tough few months as we go about planning our life 2b a proper couple but i know we wil b sooo amazing 2getha...my heart body & mind r totally yrs & i look 4wad 2 all the many sexual adventures yet 2 come....xxx