31 Dec 2017

I lived alone for almost 20 years, I've had girlfriends but have never moved them in. I tend to like my own space. I've know my neighbour John for all this time. He's in his mid 60's while I'm 20 years younger. John has had girlfriends who have moved in and moved out. About 6 years ago he met and married his wife Rachel. She's younger than me with a fantastic body and a pair of tits to die for. She would be classed as a trophy. Most men would give their right arm to get her into bed. We get on like a house on fire, John and Rachel work different shifts as do I. I'd often get a text saying pop round for a coffee if you want. Rachel knew when I was at home as my car would still be on the drive. The text always came when John was at work. I'd go round and we'd flirt ( me more so ) sometimes I'd have to go home and relieve myself just thinking about her. Then last July I had to have my dog put to sleep, it devastated me and Rachel got upset too as she loves animals. A week or so after the visit to the vets I'd had a call to collect Princes ashes. Rachel said she'd come with me for moral support. I drove up to the crematorium and collected the ashes, it was a beautiful day and Rachel suggested that we had a drink on the way home. We live near a country pub so that's where we ended up. We sat outside to drink, I was driving so I only had a coke while Rachel had a large white wine. Once drinking alone we could talk to each other about anything, she wasn't looking over her shoulder wondering if John was on his way home. Well the subject of John being jealous was top of the list. He wasn't keen on her going out or getting made up even if he was with her, this attracted attention towards her. As we were talking I'd talk about Prince and have a tear in my eye, this is when Rachel leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek. I smiled at her and said " Thanks" to my amazement she said that there was more if I wanted. How could I resist? We finished our drinks and made our way home. John wasn't due back from work and over an hour, so Rachel popped round mine. The door had hardly closed before Rachel was undoing my zip. So I just leaned against the wall and let her carry on. She unzipped my fly and pulled my jeans round my ankles, she went to work on my semi hard cock. Within seconds I was fully hard, and guiding Rachel's head back and forth. Now although I enjoy a blow job, I find it hard to climax. Rachel was an expert at sucking cock, she had me shooting my load within minutes and swallowed the lot. At this point I needed a refreshment so we made our way to the kitchen and had a cold drink each. A few minutes later I was ready to go again, so I bent Rachel over the kitchen table and pumped her for all my worth. Climaxing in her mouth again. It turns out she's not getting sex at home very often, so I'm doing my bit about 3 times a fortnight. We have always been careful and have said to each other if either of us want to stop then there will be no bitterness. For my part I hope we can continue for years to come. She knows I've told my best mate Paul about what we get up to and have showed her a photo of him as well as showing him a photo of Rachel. She has suggested that when John next goes away of a golfing holiday I can invite Paul round. I'm just waiting to get the text to say the holiday is booked. I'll keep you informed. Craig.