Written by The Trainee

19 Nov 2011

I'm still coming down to earth after the most amazing sex i have ever had!!!!

We met as arranged in the hotel and I answered the door to you in may basque and thong. We kiss deeply your hands exploring my body my hand going straight to your rampant cock wanting to suck on it already.

You then give me 15 seconds to strip and lie spread eagled on the bed naked. Of course i comply.

I close my eyes and feel something soft covering them and being adjusted at the back of my head. A blindfold. My eyes snapped open but all i could see was blackness. My heart starts to beat faster.You lift my arms up and pin them to the pillows. I heard a rattling sound then felt something cold on my wrists. You locked a crampon around one arm, pulled it up and then locked another crampon around the other arm. Next i hear you rustling in the bag again. You grab one of my legs and clamped a cuff around my ankle, pulling it toward the edge of the bed. Then you do the same to the other leg. You can clearly see my open pussy lips exposed and waiting for you to do with what you want. I am trapped, tied up and vulnerable but it didn't feel so scary all of a sudden. I realised that I am feeling very turned on, the anticipation and the thought of being at your mercy grabbed me in my stomach and made it flip in excitement. My pussy started to feel a little wet.

Another short pause, what were you planning next? Suddenly i feel the lightest of touches on my feet, the lightest brush of something. You ran it up the outside of one leg, repeat the same action, slowly running up outside of my other leg . You then ran it up the inside of my legs one by one, almost reaching my sex but not quite touching it. I breath heavily in anticipation, my sex getting wetter by the second, the feeling was exquisite, torment and pleasure in one. You stroked it around the tops of my legs, close, so close but never getting there, much to my frustration.

I feel you hands at my waist, and they slowly work their way up to my exposed naked breasts, the nipples hard and excited. You run your fingers gently around the edge of my breasts, running then all over and then circling my sensitive nipples. I push my breasts out to receive your touch and you lightly kiss my nipples. I hear the bag rustling again and then feel a pinch on each nipple, making me gasp at the sudden nip and I moan gently. I feel you get off the bed and couldn't tell what you were going to do next. I feel hands on my legs, stroking up and down the whole length of my legs, briefly touching my sex with the finger tips then stroking back down. Then the hands moved up over my hips to my stomach, up my ribs and around my breasts, making me squirm, wishing the hands would touch my sensitive breasts and sex which were aching by now. I was completely gone, putty in your hands to play with as you wished. I feel the hands stroking back down to my waxed pubic mound. Desperately I raise my hips to try to guide the hands down into my wetness where i long to be touched.

Finally i feel your lips, kissing where you had been stroking, the smooth hairless skin tingling with anticipation. Your tongue licked around my labia then poked its way into my folds, making me gasp and sigh with sweet relief. You licked and sucked at my tender clitoris, I squirm and moan in pure pleasure. You take your fingers and stroked me where your tongue was playing, slowly pushing one into my wanting hole, making me buck my hips against you passionately. One finger, two fingers and then three buried deep inside me. Tongue teasing my clit fingers fucking me i feel the sensation building and thrust back arching my spine and bucking my hips as the most amazing orgasm crashes over me.

You continue fisting me and i cry out for you to stop. For a moment you do then your fingers are replaced by your mouth roughly sucking me and nibbling my clit. Re-igniting my orgasm all over again. You contine licking and sucking as i thrust against you crying out is shear pleasure. The orgasm is so intense i feel i am about to pass out. Just as i think i can take no more you stop. You move, sliding up my body, rubbing your bared chest against me, until your mouth is parallel to my breasts you then remove the pegs and a sharp pain emulates throughout my body. You take my breasts one into each hand and gently kneaded them, stroking your fingers around the nipple and gently tweaking them. Your warm mouth enveloped one, then the other, sucking, licking, first gently then more firmly. I moan and wriggled in pleasure at your attention.

I am all yours to do with what you want, and what you want is to pleasure me whilst i am completely helpless to stop you, not that i would anyway. I want you so much, I feel so horny and sexy, I push my hips and rub my sex against your belly, trying desperately to make you move up the bed so I can feel your cock. Eventually you do and I can feel it, stiff and proud, laid between my thighs. I ground my hips against you to try and encourage you to slip it inside me but you are not going to just yet. You rub it against my labia teasing me so much while you tweak and suck suck on my nipples. I am going to explode if you don't fuck me soon, I want it so badly.

You move away for a moment and return to me I feel something stroking over my belly, moving towards my sex, my thighs and calves. It felt like leather. A whip?! You are going to whip me!! I feel a sharp pain across my pussy and gasped in shock. Another sharp pain....... this time i feel a strange tingling, like it was sort of nice in a way. My sex started to tense up again. Another stroke, followed by the gentle touch of your lips and hands, and something else. It felt cold, hard. You rub it along the crack of my pounding pussy, running it down towards my wanting hole which is almost flooding by this point. You rub it against my sex lips, then it starts to buzz. A vibrator. Mmmmmmmmm I think, wriggling against it and feeling the vibrations against my wanting pussy. You rub it against me gently, then a little more firmly, occasionally giving me another lash just to add an edge to the intense feelings I am experiencing. Finally you push the vibrator up inside my pussy, stretching me and giving me some relief. 'Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh' I moan as I feel myself filling up with the throbbing sex toy. You reach your hand down and rub your finger against my clit. You fuck me with the toy and rub vigorously until I couldn't take any more. A huge wave washes over me yet again, an orgasm like I have never felt before, it seems to last for ages, making me cry out loud and my body shake. As the wonderful feeling subsides you remove the vibrator and lifted my hips and place a pillow underneath them.

I feel the pinch again on both nipples as the pegs are reattached. Your hand moves slowly down my belly and touches my sex that is still so tender from my orgasm. Then there is a sharp pain as a peg is attached to my pussy lips, then another and another and finally one is placed on my clit. I hear the buzz as the vibe starts up again. You place the vibe against the pegs and the sensation is amazing so much pain and pleasure at the same time I cum again instantly much to your amazement. I can finally take no more and beg you to stop, you remove the pegs quickly which shoots pain throughout my pussy and causes me to wimper.You gentley blow on my pussy and kiss it better working your way up my body until your lips meet mine in a passioate kiss.

At last you thrust your hardness into me, fucking me hard and fast. I cry out again as you pound my pussy, it feels so damn good. You fuck and fuck until I feel your cock twitch inside me and you gasp out loud as you cum, filling me with your sticky fluid until every last drop is drained from you.

You gently untied me and we fall back onto the bed together, gasping for breath and holding each other tightly. 'Wow' was all I can say and you grin at me.

As i write this I am looking at the bruises that have formed on my wrists and can still feel my pussy throbbing reminding me of the best sex I have ever had...... so far...............