Written by tina

1 Sep 2018

a bit of a long story im afraid , 54 years old and my husband is 18 years older ,he had a very successful business and I ended up being his trophy wife I suppose, I was encouraged by him to be nice to clients and more, he didn't seem to mind but they were all older men though it was quite exciting at the time, , well in the last 5 years of since he sold the business he has not been up for sex and I had piled the pounds on, in the last 6 months ive been to the local gym with my friend Maureen who is in her forties, as the pounds came off Maureen had started a affair with brian who was of the same age, and I become a bit of a gooseberry,brian trying to fix me up with one of his mates which I declined as they were of my age and wanted to try something younger,,i had come out of having lunch with Maureen and brian when he asked me what I was looking for in a guy as I looked across the street I said something like that would do me it was a 18 year old lad carrying a laptop and laughed out loud then realised they weren't laughing but with bright red faces ,brian then said that was his son , I could have died,they called him over and told him what I had said and he laughed it off and said he always fancied a older women we all ended up laughing and he left,brian told me that he was always looking at porn on his computer of older women and he told him when he was a site with a granny called Essex kim was his favorite, I said I haven't got a clue who she is and Maureen said you look a bit like her but probably a stone or two lighter,i got home on my computer put Essex kim in was gobsmacked what came up,i the next thing the phone rings and its brian and said his son asked if I wanted any jobs done and he asked his son if he had a women and said one fumbled attempt,i said send him round sat morning,he replied dress up for his boy and make him a man and laughed,maureen lent ma pair of high heeled boots and a great bra that made them look fantastic,and a pvc all in one outfit that was really to small Saturday morning comes and im dressed like a tart and the phone rings and brians boy mark says he cant come round it was all a bit of sexy banter, I said don't be silly I have got a few jobs for him to do,and talked him round and he would be over in 10 minutes. well he turned up at the door I let him in ,the confident lad in the high street had gone and before me stood a well built boy in a nervous tremble ,but with a nice bulge in his trousers , he could not stop staring at my breasts spilling out the top of my outfit.i took him into the front room and sat beside him on the sofa my dress riding up as I showed him my boots,,i asked him to unzip my dress he was bright red fumbling about and stammering nonsense to me I kissed him and put my hand on his trousers and he was rockhard I got him to strip off ,I pulled his pants off and his cock was magnificient,a great bulbus end and though a good7 inches it was very thick ,I got him to play with my breasts and he had slipped them out of the bra and guided his hand to my clit and tried to teach him in the art of pleasuring a women ,he kept saying how wet I was and said that he thought he might come before long, I said don't waist and told him to kneel down in front of me and gently place his large cock in my cunt ,I put my legs on his shoulders with my leather boots on his back he gently placed his cock in my clit and I was in paradise,and told him to gently thrust in and out he came with in seconds and was nearly crying apoligising and saying how embarrassed he was, I said don't be silly we have all day and after a few minutes we would have another go, he went to the toilet when he come back his cock was semi stiff and looked a bit more comfortable,he sat next to me and I dropped my lovely red lips round his cock the bell end fascinated me I loved licking around it and in it and the look on his face was a picture ,this time I lent over the table and he fucked me from behind this time more confident asking if he was doing it right I could hardly answer , at times I was squealing with delight and cumming all over the place bestfuck ive had since my teens, he shot his load all over me and we both sat down and laughed, after a few minutes I suppose you will be off home to tell your dad, he replied don't be silly im going to fuck you silly all day, and he did, will have to get a good spring clean done before my old man gets back from his golf trip ,it smells of SEX LOVELLY SEX, he is coming over next Saturday with a surprise for me , im all wet again already