Written by Andrew T

18 Oct 2017

For clear reasons I’m not going to give out real names but I am finding it easier to write using names so I have made our names up.

I’m Andrew and as the title suggests I’m married to the best wife in the world. Claire and I are both 28 and have been married for 3 years. Claire gave up her job as cabin crew when we got married to help me with my business. She is blond, stunning, has an amazing body and is so funny you can never be down when she’s around. Our sex life is amazing, she is up for sex pretty much any time which means we make love 5 or 6 times a week.

She also has a wicked sense of fun. As a tease when we were staying at a hotel in Canada she noticed that the room opposite our could see into our room and when she was looking out dressed only in her bathrobe a man opposite was staring in so she dropped her robe and bared all. She gave me a running commentary about how he was smiling at her, then she touched herself and told me that he had his cock in his hand so she pressed herself against the glass and that this guy was having a wank. So she started masturbating, putting her fingers in her pussy until the guy came and shot cum on his window. When she noticed him there a few days later she did the same. I thought it was hilarious and hot and we had great sex immediately afterwards.

But this year it went further. She was quite serious for a few days and I kept meaning to ask her if there was anything wrong and one evening we were making love. I was inside her gently thrusting, her hands on my back and her legs holding me in place and I couldn’t get over how lucky I was. I couldn’t take my eyes of her flawless skin and her dark blue eyes. I looked down and the sight of her full firm breasts and big solid nipples made me even harder than I already was. Then she put her hands on my shoulders and told me to stop and that she needed to talk to me. Almost immediately I felt myself start to go soft, I thought she was going to tell me she didn’t love me anymore and wanted to split up. She asked me if I loved her and I told her that of course I did then she asked me if I would always love her and I told her I would. This was starting to scare me.

I pulled my now soft cock from her between her legs but she held me in place to stop me moving anymore. I asked her what was wrong and she asked if I would do something important for her. I asked what was wrong then she asked me if I remembered her best friend Amanda. I told that of course I remember her, she’s been to our house dozens of times and is invited to our birthday meals and other family stuff and to be honest, even though I would never really look at another women in that way she is fucking hot. She is half Irish half Italian has nice dark skin and the same blue eyes Claire has with long black hair. Her parents apparently are loaded and own half a dozen businesses so she is someone you would remember.

I asked her what the problem was. Claire told me that she had left her husband who was fucking around and that she was depressed. She had started meeting up with the wrong guys who just want her for sex and her money. It wasn’t clear what this had to do with me until Claire asked me if I would ever leave her. I assured her I wouldn’t and gave her all sorts of reasons. Then she told me to stop talking. She stared at me for ages until I asked her if she was fucking someone else. She looked shocked and said that she wasn’t then she put her hands on my face and said ‘please don’t be mad but I want you to fuck Amanda.

I asked her if she was testing me to see if I would be faithful but she assured me she wasn’t. We talked for ages and she seemed genuine. We talked about all the pros and cons and talked about whether our marriage could take it and she assured me it could. In the end I said I would as long as it was what she wanted. I’m not going to go into details of how it was arranged and so one but just say that we met a few times until one day Amanda came to stay for the weekend. We got on really well and we had a great evening. Claire and Amanda disappeared for a while until Claire returned took me by the hand and let me to the bedroom. We had all drunk a lot of wine so were chilled about what was going to happen. Amanda was laying under the quilt, her breasts on show. I was hard in seconds.

Claire started to undress me until I was naked with my cock standing to attention then she left telling me t look after her friend. I started by exploring Amanda’s shaved pussy with my mouth and then her solid nipples until I slid inside her and we fucked. Her pussy was tight and although it still felt wrong her big tits swaying when I fucked her made the thoughts go away. I fucked her missionary, doggy and had a titty fuck but she clearly loved being on top so I let her ride me until I was ready to cum. Condoms hadn’t entered my mind and I reminder her but she didn’t care and rode me like a woman possessed. I tried not to cum inside her but as she ground her pussy on me with my cock deep inside her with her tits swaying and bouncing her screaming and growling sent me too far and I shot my load into her and that made her cum. She collapsed and both of us struggled to breath.

I felt a shit but told her I had to go to Claire who was waiting for me in our bedroom. I walked in and started to go to the shower but Claire called me over. I expected is to hug and talk about it but Claire had clearly been listening and had done things to herself. She was panting and her face was red and instead of us hugging she slid to her knees wrapped her arms round my backside and took my soft cock in her mouth. I started to pull away, I told her I hadn’t showered yet but that didn’t make a difference and she just sucked the sticky cum and Amanda’s pussy juices from my shaft until I came again in my wife’s mouth which is common for us but this made her orgasm more than I had seen before.

After we had settled down she asked me if I would do it again, I agreed if that was what she wanted me to do but secretly was desperate for a repeat performance but the next time was totally different. The three of us went for coffee the next morning then stayed out for lunch getting back at around 3.30pm. None of us mentioned the previous evening activities but as soon as we got home the mood changed and there appeared to be an unheard conversation between my wife and her friend, a conversation of looks and smiles until my wife whispered telling me to go to our bedroom and get undressed and wait. I asked if she was sure but all I got was her angry stare.

I did as I was told and waited until Amanda appeared at the door naked. She looked fucking amazing her tanned body looking perfect, her ample full breasts heaving her large black nipples solid. Then she looked shy and smiled so I pulled the quilt back until she lay next to me and we kissed. My tongue and hers exploring our mouths until my mouth moved to her breast. I started to move down to her shaved pussy but she grabbed my ear and pulled me back and said that she just wanted me inside her. I obliged and this time my cock knew the way and slid in without any pressure and I started to thrust. All I wanted was to fuck her hard but she told me to stop and be gentle so I was. My body on hers, my hand holding her left breast with her hard nipple in the palm of my hand and as I gently fucked she groaned and moaned and panted and then my life changed forever.

The door creaked and I looked back and saw my wife standing there naked studying us, she was stroking herself from her neck over her breasts stopping at her hard-red nipples down to her tummy and then between her legs. I looked at Amanda and then at Claire and the girls smiled but my wife told me not to stop. At first it was difficult to fuck another woman with my wife watching but the sight of these two beautiful women, one underneath me with my cock inside her and the other now stood beside us made it easier. I was ready to cum and my groaning alerted the girls. Claire put her hand on my back and said ‘not yet’ so I slowed my thrusting then she climbed in beside us and wrapped her arm over us and Claire and Amanda kissed, not a peck but a deep long kiss on the mouth. Then Claire’s hand moved between my legs and her fingers wrapped round my shaft and she pressed her body against us and told me to ‘ fuck her hard’. Amanda’s legs raised to wrap around my back so I pulled them up to over my shoulders and I fucked her as hard as I could.

I remember being happy with myself that I had managed to pound her pussy hard for another few minutes watching my wife explore Amanda’s mouth with her tongue her body with her hands before I couldn’t stop myself and let out a ridiculously loud grunt and I poured cum into Amanda’s cunt.

Amanda and Claire squealed as I came Amanda clearly Cumming in time with me. Then Claire gently pushed me to one side until I was lying next to Amanda, my still semi hard wet cock flopping on my leg. I expected Claire to want to take it in her mouth like yesterday but she didn’t instead wife slid over and on top of Amanda and they gazed at each other until tongues entered mouths. Amanda opened her legs and wrapped them round my wife who started to thrust, rocking pussy on pussy. Now I Was hard again as I watched hands pressing against tit and pussy grind against pussy and for fuck knows how long, I lay there and watched my wife’s unknown lesbian side come out as nipples and pussy disappeared into mouths and breasts bounce as the two women in my life straddled each other fingers deep inside pussy the two of them becoming demanding of each other almost angry.

If I had touched my cock I would have shot cum onto the bed I was so far gone watching these two then Claire and Amanda held onto each others hair and the scene changed into what I can only describe as fighting / fucking. Then my wife looked at me and demanded I fuck her mouth. She looked so serious that I almost involuntarily jumped to my feet stood over Amanda and did as I was told until Amanda and Claire climaxed and shook. This was too much for me and I came in my wife’s mouth. The three of us collapsed on the bed soaking wet with perspiration and after a while the two girls wrapped in each other arms started giggling. Claire rarely swears but she lifted her head, her wet hair clinging to her wet face and looked at me still giggling and said ‘ that was fucking amazing, we are doing that again’. I think we lay there for nearly an hour before we dared move. Now Claire visits us most weekends and each time the three of us fuck, sometimes the three of us make love but the weekend always ends up with a fuck. We try different things on the instance of my wife. Last weekend it was Claire sandwiched between Amanda and myself with my cock in her ass and to be honest I thought her orgasm was so hard that she has passed out. Next weekend I have asked for a break for my wife and I to have some time together. Neither are happy with it by Amanda now has a boyfriend and I think they need alone time as well.