Written by A & J - Bi Secrets

4 Jul 2009

My mate Jimmy got married in April , he asked me to be his bestman which i excepted .

I have known jimmy for ages he is a typical man , nights on the lash with the lads , loves his sport , a gamble and all the other normal stuff .

He had no problems with woman ... he had his fair share of pussy and ive had to cover his tracks a bit with his girlfriend when hes been playing away.

Anyway we had the stag do in ibiza - 4 nights of crazyness - drunk at the airport and drunk on the flight back .... thinking back now it was mental .

Jimmy also brought some foreign porn DVDs - 5 different movies on each disc - alsorts of filth . His better half was going on her hen do to Benidorm for the weekend , jimmy phoned me up for a catch up and a few beers .

My missus was away on the hen night so jimmy said i could crash at his place , it was a normal typical night in , indian take a way and lots of drink .

Jimmy said he was going to have a look at the porn he got from ibiza .

For the record i am married and i love women but i have dabbled with MM action but this was something i kept to myself and jimmy new nothing about it .

The porn was normal group stuff , we fast forwarded the movies to have general idea what was on each disc , I got the drinks in and went for a slash .

Jimy shouted I cant believe whats on this disc , I had alook and it was gay group porn 5 guys 2 white / 3 black with big cocks .

2 of the black guys were taking it in turn to mouth the white guy and the noises and slurping from white guy he was loving it .

I thought any second jimmy will turn the disc off but he didnt , and i could see he was turned on by his hard cock bulge in his shorts.

I came down stairs and i sat next to jimmy - till expecting him to turn off the dvd but he was watching the TV ......the movie was more intence the white guys were getting fucked and then a white guy was getting spit roasted , i could feel my own cock growing in my pants - i went to the kitchen and from the gap in the doorjimmy was rubbing his cock i sat down next to jimmy my cock was straining in my pants and jimmy looked at my bulge and said ....... this will stay between me and you but can i have look at your cock i said are your sure he said yes i dropped my kecks and he said could he touch my cock i said ok he gently stroked it and then started wanking me slowly ....... my head was in a spin .

He looked at the tv and they were sucking each other off on the movie without asking he lowered his head and kissed my bellend then he put his soft lips around my cock and i slowly pushed his mouth down onto my cock ...... i could see jimmy following the action on the movie , at this point i stopped him and said in for a penny i want some action so he too his pants off we got into the 69 position and after a slow start we were sucking each other as if there was no tomorrow.

Soft mouth , loud sloppy slurps , I then felt a twinge and i told jimmy i was going to cum he stopped sucking but carried on wanking and with 2 big spirts of spunk 1 hit his face and the other on his neck .

seeing this kicked off jimmys cock i to pulled out but i wanked him all over my face .

we lay there catching our breath , i got up to get a towel , we finished our drinks in silence he said what has just happened will stay between me and you and it was a one off and that was that .

I kipped on the couch and nothing was said about what had happened .

Now we fast forward to the wedding Jimmy stayed at my house my missus went to his house with is bride to be leaving the nervous Groom with me , we opened up a bottle of whiskey to take the edge off the nerves , jimmy mobile went off and i passed on the cars would be around in 40 mins.

In jimmys bedroom he was dressed in Top hat and tails he said he was stressing out as he was sitting on his i started to massage his shoulders to try and relax him he stood up but i could see that he had a hard on bulge in his pants i put a hand on it and i said save it for the wedding night i then realised how to calm him down and take away his stress - i look him in the eye and rubbed his bulge then i pulled down his zip and fished in for his hard cock he was moaning under his breath then i dropped to my knees and his cock went straight into my mouth in one go i then procedded to give the groom a blow job he wouldnt forget ( i know i was taking my bestman duties to another level ) after a good 5 mins if sucking i felt his cock twinge and then he filled my mouth with his creamy spunk which i swallowed down - i finished off cleaning up his cock which i put back in his pants ..... i hope you are are not so stressed . He smiled and said its my turn and there in the reflection on the mirror in his bedroom jimmy the groom was sucking me off , the more i pushed my cock into his mouth and throat he more he was loving it .

Again my cock rumbled and i came into jimmys mouth with he swallowed like a trouper.

We made ourselves descent the cars arrived and the wedding went off without a hitch ...i did have a naughty smirk on my face when the priest said to jimmy you can now kiss your wife ...... seeing jimmy do that when an hour earlier i was fucking his mouth was a bit naughty .

We have got together since the wedding and we are still enjoying the bi sucking and fucking but thats another story......