Written by A & J

7 Jul 2009

Ive just got back from Jimmys and I have to share with you what happened over the weekend.

After I posted my last story ( Thanks for the comments ) I was gagging to get a bit more fun time with Jimmy .

My Missus and Jimmys had planned a girlie weekend away in London - I knew that Jimmy had been working nights all week - the girls caught the London train about 3 oclock ish so when I finished work I had a shower and went around to Jimmys because ive known him for years I know where he stashs the spare house key so I let myself in.

I was quiet because i knew he was sleeping off his night shift .

There was a few empty beer bottles on the table so i knew he had had a few drinkies , i helped myself to a bevvie and after a while i was dieing for a slash so i went up stairs i could hear him snoring but the bedroom door was open a bit when I looked in i could see the normal body / quilt shape in the bed .

Nothing strange there but he had one leg out of the quilt and it had a stocking on it.

I couldnt beleive it and what a man does in his own bedroom is up to him - this gave my cock a stare i went down stair for another beer and a sit down and think.

Then I heard Jimmys mobile phone ringing upstairs after a couple of rings he answered it and then he got up to go to the loo ....... this was my chance I made my way up stairs and stood by his bedroom door when he came out of the bog he almost jumped out of his skin screaming and swearing at me ....... but he was wearing a white basque - black stockings i couldnt believe it .

He went into his bedroom and put the quilt around him to hide hi embarrassment - he told me he had always wanted to try on his new wifes undies and as she was away in London this was his chance ....... I told him whatever rocks your boat but to me it was a bit sexy .

We exchange glances and I moved closer and grabbed the quilt and as I pulled it down Jimmys cock was hard i reached out to touch it and when it was in my hand i wanked it slowly he moaned then i lowered my head down and took him in my mouth ..... mmmm he put his hand on my head and was slowly fucking my mouth i put my hands on his legs and the feeling of his stockings was fantastic ,


I pulled out and then offered my cock to jimmy which he couldnt resist he took me in his mouth to the hilt by fuck it was good - i asked him did he like dressing up like a slut he moaned and nodded his head and the more i insulted him he loved it more.

Then i felt my cock twinge i grabbed my shaft and started wanking my shaft in the direction of his mouth he looked up at me and said on my face in my mouth - i came in 3 spirts the first one was a bullseye in the mouth and the other 2 on his lips and nose - I dived down to finish him off sucking like a mad man then he moaned and without any warning filled my mouth with thick creamy man juice .

We lay down on the bed trying to catch our breath - i looked at Jimmy and said by fuck that was horney - for the rest of the weekend we had plenty more sucking fun.

We did go out on Sunday morning Jimmy was wearing a track suit but with the sexy undies underneath we went for a stroll in our local nature reserve ......... it was suppose to be a quiet walk but we met a new friend who joined us for some fun ............but that another story mmmmmmm