Written by Lizzy

10 Jan 2008

My husband and I have been on the swinging scene as a straight couple for over ten years. We are both in our forties and in good physical condition and quite attractive.

We recently met up with another couple Nick and Belle who were very similar to ourselves except in appearance Nick was a big broad guy whilst Belle was a curvy voluptuous woman quite the opposite of my husband and me. Whilst we have always been very experimental in our sex lives we have left same sex experiences to our fantasies.Recently whilst my husband was giving me great oral I began to fantasise out loud how much I would be turned on by seeing Nick sucking him off, my husband stopped teasing me with his tongue and started to finger me and joined in with my fantasy by saying how much he would enjoy that especially if he was watching me being pleasured by Belle. As we continued to fantasise our hands wanked each other off to a fantastic climax.

A couple of days later Belle rang to arrange an evening together and I told her about our recent session, she said that both her and Nick had experienced bi sex and had both enjoyed it. We met up at our house a week later and after a few drinks and nibbles put on a porn dvd and began to have sex with our husbands and each other. After an hour or two we were all getting quite merry when Belle asked if we fancied acting out our recent fantasy. My husband looked quite embarrassed but Nick told him the experience was one he wouldn`t forget and that it would remain within these four walls.A few more drinks were consumed and after more stories of past sexual experiences both the boys were hard and ready for some action.Belle told us to sit next to each other on the sofa, she and Nick then began kissing before Nick pulled away and started to move his mouth towards my husbands cock.I began to pull on my husband nipple something which turns him on as Nick tongue went up and down his shaft my husband gasped, then Nick took my husband cock deep into his mouth. I let out a cry of oh yes, as I was genuinely turned on by this and I began to wank my clit. I soon felt my hand being removed and replaced by Belle`s lips and probing tongue. I edged my cunt towards the edge of the sofa to give Belle even more access, I was extremely close to coming as she expertly licked and fingered me into a frenzy.

I could hold out no more as I finally came. As I sat there feeling so elated my husband was also close to coming as Nick pulled away I watched my husband cum spurt onto his stomach.We then made love to our respective husbands before it was our turn to provide the oral duties to Nick and Belle.

This time my husband insisted we watch him perform first. I was equally turned on as he took Nicks cock into his mouth and with a combination of sucking and wanking had Nick coming in a relatively short time.My husband was also very turned on by what he had done and so as I performed my first ever oral on a woman I allowed my husband to fuck me doggie style. Belle tasted fantastic and I am now hooked on some girl on girl action every time we meet up. The boys are not so keen but when they do it is a turn on for us all.