Written by Tom

28 Sep 2018

I’ve been married for 22 years and always considered myself straight. The wife and I have a good fuck at least once a week and she fairly open minded. One evening during the hot weather this summer we went for a long walk near where we live in County Durham. Is was about 9:00pm it had starting to go dusk and we were heading back to the car wanting to get out of the woodland before it went dark. In truth we’d miscalculated and we’re having to walk briskly. As we walked Karen suddenly stopped - as we were holding hands this pulled me to a stop. She nodded her head Toward an open area 50 to 60 feet below our path. Two people were embracing and we stood behind a tree to watch them. It was still light enough to see that it was two men. One dropped to his knees and we watched as he freed his partners cock and took him in his mouth. Karen and I stood transfixed for about 15 mins whilst these two guys orally pleasured each other. They sucked and wanked each other beautifully. I was shocked but my cock was so hard watching and Karen later confessed that she was wet watching them.

We left and went home both visibly shocked by what we’d seen. That night Karen played with my cock and as she did so she asked me questions about the scene we’d witnessed; I confessed that it had turned me on. Karen asked if I’d wanted to join in? And I confessed that I did. I was so sexually excited thinking about sucking another mans cock.

With Karen’s permission I’m now advertising for someone to set up my first bisexual experience, I want to try some oral with a guy. Maybe I’ll like it maybe I won’t but after what I witnessed that night I have to try.