Written by marpa

12 Dec 2012

I am a 59 year guy who has developed a Bi curiosity over the past year or so. I am into my second year of my second marriage, and sex with my new wife has been great. I am trying to persuade her to have a MMf threesome, but so far to no avail. This is disappointing as during both a long term relationship with a girl from Cardiff 4 years ago and during my 24 year first marriage I had some excellent threesome action. This was especially so with the girl from Cardiff who was a fabulous looking 50 year old, size 8 but with huge tits. We used to advertise on this site and all the guys used to ask whether her tits were enhanced or not. They certainly weren’t!! I must sometimes relay some of the stories of what she used to get up to as she really was a naughty girl, especially with her 18 year daughters boyfriend!

Anyway, back to my bi curiosity. Last night the wife was out with friends for the Christmas party. Not much on telly and so my mind started to wander. I was reading some of the stories on here and noticed a few about bi curious guys and their first meets.

Although it was a cold night, I thought, What the heck. Lets give it a go. There are some laybys near to where I live that are known for these meets, so after a good shower and choice of suitable clothes to allow easy access, off I set. By the time I got there the car was really warm. (I love the seat warmers in my Jag). I parked up behind a lorry, but there was still plenty of room for other cars and left the engine running.

After a good 20 minutes the first car pulls in just in front of me. My heart started to race. Was I really going to do this? Would I be any good? How do I go about the first spoken contact? I undid my trouser belt and eased down the zip a little way and put the interior light on. My cock was rock hard and I was full of anticipation. Was this the first guy I was going to suck? The guy had got out of his car and walked over towards the passenger door and walked till he was about 10 feet behind my car. What do I do I thought? Is he interested in me or is he hoping for a couple? I pushed the button and the passenger window lowered all the way down. “Hi” I said, How are you?” He looked over at me and came closer. “Are you on own?” he said. “Yes” I replied. “Is that a problem?” “Not sure” he said, “Its a bit busy for me here right on the road. Is there anywhere quieter?” I wasn’t sure of that particular area so had to tell him this was all I knew. He turned and walked back to his car.

I was really disappointed. I had worked my way up to this for ages and I was not getting anywhere. I then began to realise that although I had thought about bi contact, I hadn’t really thought of exactly what I would like to do. Did I just want mutual wanking, did I want my cock sucked, did I want to suck my first cock? And If I did, was I going to swallow all his spunk or spit out or just have him cum over my hands? Maybe I wanted to take it further and have a cock up my arse? I had always thought it unlikely that I would shag a guys arse. It is not always good to have a large cock. In all the many girlfriends I have had over the years I have never shagged their arse even though many have been willing to try, but I was just too big.

So I sat there in the dark layby with cars driving past every minute and hoping for one to stop and wondering what I actually wanted. I decided that for my first time I really did want to give a guy a blow job and drink all of his spunk. I wasn’t too bothered about my cock being sucked, maybe just played with a bit, but if the situation went ok then I would be happy for him to suck me. I decided that any penetration would not happen tonight. I had no lube, it was too cold to get out of the car and the rear seats are not heated…it was a very cold night.

The time ticked on and I was very turned on and tempted to just sit there and have a wank. My cock was aching with anticipation. Over the next 10 minutes twice cars pulled up, but after sitting there still with lights on they left. I decided that the weather was not right for this and would give it just another 10 minutes.

Just as I was about to go a car pulled up in front of me. He turned off his lights. I put on the interior light and hoped this was the one. His car door opened and he got out. Wow, was I excited. This could be the first one!

He stood at the side of his car for a few seconds. I couldn’t see what he looked like at all. The light from my interior light made everything outside the car totally black.

My heart started to race again as he walked towards me. He passed to the passenger side and again went just behind me. I thought, well I have got to take the bull by the horns now if I want my first suck. I lowered the passenger window and he came right alongside.

“Hi”, I said. “How are you?”

Shit, I thought. That sounded really daft. I was too excited to think clearly.

“Yeah, I am OK ta” he replied.

Oh come on I thought, just ask him.

“Are you looking to have your dick sucked? I said

“Blimey, you don’t mess about do you” he said.

“Well it is too cold to mess about. Do you want to sit in the car?” I said

“OK” He said, and he opened the door and I saw for the first time what he looked like. He was about the same age as me, overweight with a thick coat on. Not exactly what I was hoping for. My fantasy had been a young 25 ish guy, slim with a huge dick, but that’s the problem with fantasies.

He sat down beside me and closed the door.

“I usually go with women “ he said

“So do I” I replied, “but tonight I want to try cock for the first time. If you say usually, does that mean you have had guys before?”

“Not many times” he said. “I am divorced now and I have a couple of women friends who I do the scene with”.

Well I thought, is this guy wasting my time? But then I thought that if he has got in the car then maybe its on.

“Would you like me to play with your cock?” I asked

“Yeah OK then” he said

He leaned back and pulled his jacket back and began unzipping his flies.

My heart really began to race now. I was about to see a guys cock right in front of me that I could possibly be sucking any time now.

He unzipped all the way down and shuffled his trousers down his thighs. Next came his pants, and out popped a very nice sized cock, hard and twitching.

Am I really going to do this? Should I back out? Now is the time because there is no going back. Its either going to be my first cock or I would ask him to leave.

Looking at the cock in the light of the dashboard lights, I was excited. It certainly was a good size. Not sure on inches but certainly as thick as my wifes rabbit, and quite long.

I couldn’t resist it. I leant over and took it in my hand. I slowly pulled the foreskin back, took my fingers to the base and felt his balls. He sighed. Good, I thought, I must be doing it ok.

I moved my hand back up to the tip and rolled my fingers around.

Although I had felt my own cock on many occasions, this was very different. The head was soft to the touch and looked good. I gently began to wank him up and down.

“I can’t believe this is your first time “ he said “You are doing that so good”.

“Although it is my first time doing it”, I said “I have had my own cock played with enough to know exactly what I like to be done to my cock.

I continued stroking him up and down and was glad to keep hearing his sighs of obvious enjoyment.

I was really enjoying myself now. I had got into a rhythm and my initially nervousness was rapidly going. I was enjoying myself so much that I knew I had to have that cock in my mouth. I wanted to feel him right at the back of my throat, just as my wife does to me.

“Can I suck your cock?” I asked

“Bloody right you can. I though you weren’t going to do it”

I looked right at him. “Will you come in my mouth? Can I drink all of your cum?

“Oh Fuck” he says “suck it hard”

I slightly adjusted my position so that I could lean over the centre console and get all of that cock.

I couldn’t believe how I was behaving. I was absolutely gagging to have my first cock. I wanted it so badly, and I wanted to feel that stream of spunk in my mouth. Yes, I was really going to do it.

I leant over and ran my tongue across the tip of his cock. It tasted lovely as I circled around the tip sticking my tongue into his hole. I was loving it. I opened my mouth wide and placed my lips around this lovely cock in front of me and began going up and down his shaft. After a few times up and down I again ran my tongue around his tip.

I couldn’t believe this and how good it was. I never thought that I would enjoy it this much. Here I was with my left hand around the base of a guys cock and my mouth bobbing up and down making him squirm on the seat with obvious pleasure.

“I really can’t believe that this is your first time. This is so fucking great” he said

“Definitely my first time and don’t think it will be my last” I said. “Am I doing it good enough to make you cum?”

“OH yes and it won’t be long” He replied with a very breathless voice.

I concentrated on this lovely cock. My left hand around the base sliding up and down, my right hand cupping his balls and letting my fingers stray towards his arse, and my mouth firmly wrapped around this hard cock occasionally licking the tip. Every now and then I would see how far I could take him down my throat. Each time he got to the back of my throat he would sigh. I really loved that feel of him so deep down me.

“Oh god I am coming” he cried

I worked my hand faster and my mouth clamped tightly around this cock that was going to be soon filling my mouth with spunk.

Then I felt it. His thrust against me getting stronger, trying to get his cock to the back of my throat, his cock seeming to get bigger, twitching and jerking. Suddenly I have this explosion in my mouth. This spurt of liquid that is filling my mouth, I am trying to swallow it but there is so much. I can hear him shouting out “OH fuck, Oh fuck”. My head keeps going up and down on his cock, I need to keep pumping as I want every drop of that spunk. It seems to go on for ages, as I keep swallowing and sucking as hard as I can. After what seems like ages it all slows down as I drain every drop from him.

I take my mouth from around his cock and start licking all around him. I have managed to swallow everything he gave me and now I need to gently wank him and lick up all that he has. I spend a good minute slowly wanking him and sucking and letting his cock slowly soften.

I sit up and look at him. He has is eyes closed and just says “That was really fucking great”

“Thanks” I say. “Thanks for being my first and for having such a lovely cock. It was far better than I ever thought.”

“Would you like me to suck you?”

I was feeling quite drained. “No thanks, but a gentle wank would be nice”

Its my turn to sit back now. I pull my trousers down to give him access and he reaches over and grabs my cock and begins wanking me slowly.

“God you have a big cock. I don’t think I would get much of that in my mouth” he says as he starts wanking me harder.

His pace quickens and suddenly I know that I want to be sucked off by a guy for another first.

“Yes please. Suck me”

His head goes down and almost as soon as his mouth is around my cock I am shooting. He takes some in his mouth but then he aims my cock at his face and I can see squirts of cum going all over his face.

When he sits up I can see my spunk on his face and it really hits home. I have just had great sex with a guy!!!!

Well I was Bi curious, but now I know that I am Bi and want to do that again.

Will I take it further and have a guy fuck my arse? A few weeks ago I would never have considered it, but now it has suddenly become very appealing.