Written by J

4 Sep 2018

I met this guy one time before in the woods in Buckinghamshire and it was horny. We met again yesterday in the same place. He has a nice big cock, about 8 inches, and is a proper bloke. We both agreed to wear panties. I got there in advance. He then turned up, we found a good spot and took our clothes off. I got on my knees and slowly licked his big balls, then moved the tip of my tongue to his shaft and slid it up and down his thick long cock. I then moved my tongue to the head of his cock and massaged it with my tongue. He was wet. I couldn't wait any longer as I had to have his cock in my mouth so I took it a little at a time and then as much as I could and sucked him for a while. He was loving it and moaning with pleasure. I then got off my knees and moved behind him, got on my knees again and starting licking his ass cheeks, slowly moving my tongue to his ass hole. I also moved my hand between his legs and slowly started wanking his lovely cock. He loved that - my tongue in his ass and hand on his cock. I got up and moved in front of him. He got on his knees and took my 7 inch cock in his mouth and sucked it nicely for me for a while. I got back on to his cock. It felt huge in my hand. He showed signs of cumming and so I took my wife's panties off and wrapped them round his thick dick and he soon came in them. I slowly wanked him for a while and then licked his cum off his cock. I wanted to suck all of the remainder of his cum out of his cock but that was too much for him. Look forward to next time.