Written by somedude_85

20 Dec 2009

I've been reading the stories on this site for a few months now, and decided it was time to submit my own story. Ironically, it is the events of this true story which led me to find this site in the first place!

It all started 6 years ago when I was in my last year of college, 18 years old. I had had girlfriends and sexual experiences by this time, and had never contemplated any kind of activity with another man, until a day during my final exams. I had a friend, Ben, who I had been mates with for years, but never seen much of outside of school/college. We finished one of our exams and finding it raining, we decided to head back to his house. We had started playing computer but ended up watching some porn, and somehow (it all happened so quick, I can't remember the details) ended up playing with each other's cocks. The opening of the front door (his mum arriving home) put a quick stop to it though!

A few days later, having entirely avoided the subject with other, we found ourselves at his again. He tentatively approached the subject and I found my cock getting hard in my pants, and my heart beating my chest. He asked if I had eve done anything like that before - we both hadn't - and if I had ever wondered what cock tasted like. Well, seconds later I found out as I started wanking his cock and sucking him off. His cock was pretty small, but I liked the taste. He didn't cum, but wanted to swap, so I laid back on his bed and let him suck me. Having been playing with myself while sucking him, I was very excited and came pretty quickly in his mouth. Moments later, his mum came home again so I never got to suck him again.

Unfortunately, our exams ended and we never got to do it again - both busy over summer and then I left for University. I never considered myself bi, or gay, but over the years I often looked back - often with a little wank :) - but regretted not making him (and tasting) cum. I always thought that if the chance presented itself, I'd do it again, but it wasn't something I'd seek.

So I was pretty happy when 4 months ago we made contact again on a certain social networking site. We chatted - avoiding the subject - but it was nice to chat again. He's married now, to Susan, and he said we must meet up next time I'm in London. Well, about a month later, I was going to London for a week to see my mum, and so we met up for a drink. It was in a quiet pub near his house. Now, I don't drink, but he had a couple and started reminiscing about old times. I was finding it hard to hide my boner! I asked if he had done anything since, to which he said no. He met his wife shortly after getting to Uni, and that was that. As it turned out, my blowjob was the only sexual contact he'd ever had other than his wife.

He text me a couple of days later inviting me over for dinner. His wife, Susan, was a lovely girl. Not a stunner (though neither is he or am I!) but the kind of curvy bdy I appreciate - large boobs, large bum. We had dinner and chatted and it was all very civilised - in honesty, sex was far from my mind with Susan around.

That was until she suddenly said "So you're the one who sucked my husband's cock then?" with a cheeky grin. I was a bit taken aback, but responded "Yes". She laughed and shook her head. "I find it hard to believe that my husband would suck a cock and let a man suck his. Not like him at all!" We tried to convince her it was true, but she kept shaking her head. "Prove it!" She said finally and I was VERY excited!

So Ben walked around the table and got his cock out - still small, but popping it into my mouth I appreciated the taste all over again. After a minute or so she asked us to swap, so I got mine out and he sucked mine. A minute later and we were back having dinner and laughing about it all. Was a strange evening!

After the food we decided to go to the living room. Ben and Susan started having a passionate kiss as we walked in. She broke it off and apologised, saying she was very horny after watching the sucking. "Don't let me stop you!" I said. Ben asked if I minded, which I didnt, so he took off her jeans, sat her in the armchair and started fucking her. I sat watching and rubbing my cock until he eventually (he had some stamina!) came in her pussy.

After another kiss he pulled out and stood up. Turning to me he said "Your turn mate" and gave me a wink. "You sure?" I asked, and he said no worries. So I took my bottoms off and went over, down on my knees about to penetrate her, but at the last minute decided to bury my face in her pussy and finally get a taste of Ben's cum. It was great! They were both a bit taken aback I think but enjoyed it :) After a good lick I moved back up and started to fuck her. I was struggling to last, being so turned on, so when Ben put his cock in my mouth to clean off the last few drops of cum, I couldn't take it and shot my load inside her.

She was disappointed at my lack of stamina, but left the room to clean up with a smile on her face. The night didn't end there, but that will come in part 2 soon.