Written by somedude_85

21 Dec 2009

Hopefully you've read (and enjoyed) part 1 of the story. Me and Ben had just finished fucking his wife. She came back from the bathroom in a very sexy silk dressing gown. I could see that she was now naked beneath and was looking forward to seeing her tits freed :)

Temporarily shagged out, we sat back in their lounge and started chatting again, Susan and Ben enjoying a glass of wine. Inevitably the conversation returned to sex, and we started discussing fantasies. Ben said that his fantasies had come true tonight - to suck cock again and see his wife fucked by another man. He admitted that the night had been a bit of a setup, as he had noticed my boner at the pub at the pub a few days earlier.

Susan wanted to be fucked by another man - also fulfilled, though she took the piss out of me (playfully) about my speed! They talked about how while Ben had stamina and could cum bucketloads, his cock was quite small, and so she often had to use a dildo too to really get off. Ben was fine with her saying this - it wasn't said nastily. They clearly have an honest and open relationship when it comes to sex and he was happy to do what she wanted to help her out.

And so it came back to me. My cock was hard again, so I was fully open with them too. I admitted that tasting cum was one of my turn-ons, and that I had often licked my own cum out of my ex-girlfriend's pussy. There was one huge turn on though which was cum on tits - seeing cum on tits is enough for me but to lick it up from them is the tops. I had also done that with my ex once, but it was very hard, as after cumming my sex drive drops and I usually bottle out, or she has cleaned up too quickly.

Sex was definitely in the air again, and I found myself stroking Ben's cock. "Do you mind?" I asked, looking longingly at his cock, to which he replied "Go ahead!" WIth a big grin. I got between his legs and started sucking him again - this time with one intention - make him cum! I was vaguely aware of moans coming from Susan's direction, and a quick glance saw her fingering her pussy and clit. I sucked and sucked, but no cum. He was hard and definitely enjoying, but no cum.

Susan spoke through her moans "It's nearly impossible to get him to come from a blowjob. I've only managed it 3 times!" Ben lifted my head and nodded. I wanted to carry on but he said "DO me a favour. Fuck my wife. And don't cum so quickly this time" He added with a playful wink. So I got up and wnt over to Susan, standing her up and letting her robe fall to the floor. As I've said, she isn't exactly a model, but had a figure perfect for me. He tits, despite being large, were perky with big sexy nipples on them. We kissed, passionately, and then I kissed my way down her neck to her tits, which I sucked eagerly.

We move down to the floor and into the missionary position. Ben was wanking on the sofa, but I was only vaguely aware he was there, so engrossed was I in his wife's tits and body. Second time around, I'm usually pretty good, and this was no exception. After fucking her deeply on top and making her cum, we moved into doggy. Ben got off the sofa and stuck his cock in her mouth and she enjoyed a good spitroast. She was loving it, and must have cum 2 or 3 more times before I laid on my back and she got on top of me.

I was leaning up as much as I could to kiss her and suck her tits when Ben came and put his cock between both of our mouths. We both sucked his cock for a few minutes before he announced he was cumming. He came hard, all over her tits and I was there to suck it all off fresh. I'd never been so turned on in my life and came myself, filling Susan's pussy with my hot spunk. It was unbelievable. All of our fantasies had come true in one evening.

We all laid round, tired and shagged out, but still the evening was not finished.. The third and final part to follow very soon :)