Written by Pamela T

23 Oct 2017

I’m Pamela, I’m 36 married with 2 kids and I am sharing this with you because I have read stories on you web site in order to try and help me understand if what I am doing is normal or not. I have read stories of women who have sex with other women but don’t consider themselves lesbians and I may fit into that area.

I live in a flat with my family. I work part time so have several days on my own when the kids are in school and my husband is in work. All this started over an argument with my neighbours, they are two women living together, one is skinny (Toni) and flat chested and someone who you may mistake for a guy you just had a glimpse of her, her partner (Samantha or Sam) is quite muscular and has a slightly larger chest. She has a shaved head & isn’t someone you wouldn’t want to mess with.

We all got on fine for the first 6 month or so until Sam came home and I was in the flat having coffee with Toni, all innocent but apparently Sam was jealous and thought something was going on. There was a bit of a scene and I tried to explain that I was married with two children but that didn’t seem to make a difference. Every time I past Sam there was a glare and there was sounds of arguing most evenings. This went on for a while until I decided to go around and sort things out.

There was some shouting but eventually I got through to Sam that nothing was going on, all’s well that ends well and up to this point there was no hint that anything would happen until one afternoon I was in the shower. There’s a knock on the door and its Sam, I’m standing there with a towel wrapped round me and she’s asking me to pop round for a glass of wine so she could apologise properly. I should have guessed that there was an ulterior motive by the way she looked me up and down concentrating on my chest like guys usually do. I put a pair of jeans on with a t- shirt and jumper. I didn’t bother putting a bra on which was a bad idea because I have a large chest and so I usually always wear a bra but as I was just popping next door I didn’t’ bother.

Its all going well and we are getting on as though we had known each there for years and were good friends but the mood changed all of a sudden when Sam asked me if they made me uncomfortable. I said no and was then asked if I had ever been with a woman, again I said no so the next question was had I ever wondered what it would be like and again I said no although like most women I had but not seriously. Sam then said in a very matter of fact way ‘ I’d fuck you’. Toni laughed but Sam was serious. She then tells me that an hour in bed with her would change my mind.

By this point I was getting uncomfortable and reminded her I was married with children but apparently her and Toni quite often gave threesomes with married women which I found hard to believe then Sam says that she bet she could get me interested.

Now I don’t know if it was the wine talking but I bet her that she couldn’t. Sam put her hand on my tummy and asked if I was sure I wanted to take that bet. Toni told me not to do it because Sam was very persuasive but, and again probably due to the wine, I told Sam that she was wasting her time. Sam but her hand under my jumper and started to move it up until she was cupping my breast. She was looking at me with a grin on her face and I was doing my best to keep a straight face. Sam then gently squeezed my left breast and rubber the palm of her hand over my nipple and I have to be honest at this point, it wasn’t uncomfortable in fact it was faintly pleasant which must have shown in my face because Sam put her glass down and lifted my t shirt and jumper off over my head and I’m sat there topless in front of two relative strangers.

Sam took my glass and put it next to hers before pushing me gently back onto the settee and placing her mouth over my breast and started to gently suck. I don’t know if it was shock from her doing it or shock that I actually enjoyed it but I panicked, got dressed and left. The next day it was my turn to call round and apologise for my behaviour so I knocked of the door and Sam opened it and stood aside for me to enter. I started babbling but she pushed me against the door and kissed me on the mouth and started tugging on my top opening my blouse. I said something about not being gay but in less than 30 seconds my blouse and bra were on the floor and Sam was pulling me by the hand to the bedroom. She sat me on the bed and grabbed her phone and I now realise that she was texting Toni.

I could have walked out but I didn’t and I still remember thinking that this was wrong and I needed to go home but also wanting to stay. I didn’t get undressed, it was more that I was undressed by Sam and in no time at all I was naked in bed with another woman between my legs. The sex was passionate and for the first time in my life I had another woman’s nipple in my mouth and had another woman’s fingers deep inside me and mine inside her before she straddled me and the only way I can describe it is that we pressed and rubbed our pussies and it was amazing.

I have no idea what Toni came in but all of a sudden, she was taking her clothes off and took over from Sam, her tongue in my mouth holding me down my neck as she, well ‘fucked me’.

Sam reappeared wearing a strap on and for the next hour or so the two of them took it in turns to be inside me and fuck me like my husband would do.

Even now when I think back at my first time I have a gentle orgasm seeing the pictures in my head of my breasts swaying as first one woman then the other lay on top of me and had me. And the feeling of a rubber cock stretching my pussy as it slid in and how Sam would take my nipple between her fingers and gently tease it before sucking it hard whilst Toni tried to get as much as the other what in her mouth and one or maybe both explored between my legs with hands and fingers.

It was Sam who brought it to its ultimate climax and was laying on top of me with her ‘cock’ thrusting gently into me, her small breasts on my chest. I can still feel her hard nipples pressing against me as she kissed my neck and gently thrust herself into me. And that was too much, I started to cum and I thing I said as much because her thrusting became more urgent until I let out a scream and groan as I climaxed and had the most amazing orgasm of my entire life and the two of us shook. I begged her so she couldn’t move bit she thrust again until I had to stop her, the pain of this ultimate orgasm was too much.

But what is worrying me is that when I am home with my family I am horrified with myself and promise myself never to do anything like that again but when I’m home alone in the afternoon when I work a half day or on the two days a week when I don’t work and I can hear one or both of them next door I can’t stop myself and I call round for ‘coffee’. If Sam is on her own we end up in bed before the kettle has boiled if its the two of them then the three of us end up in bed before the kettle boils and each and every time I cum so hard I come close to passing out and don’t want it to stop.

When I’m in ben having sex with my husband I love the feel of his thick long cock inside me and the feeling I have when his cum splashes into me but I don’t cum unless I pretend its Sam mostly or sometimes Toni.

Part of me is desperate to tell my husband what I’m doing. After sex one evening he asked me about my ‘bucket list’ and I told him I wanted to try sex with woman and he got very excited. He even said, ‘maybe you should fuck to two ‘lesbos’ next door. I almost said I had but instead said ‘maybe I should’ and asked him if he would be mad. He just looked at me and rolled his eyes before turning over.