Written by Tsmercury

19 Mar 2010

Part I on the 2nd Feb was seemingly well received with a couple of requests for more. and an explanation what 'The golden Rivet' I refered too was all about?

Every new crew member would be subjected to various innuendo,double entendre remarks to try and asess his sexual inclination. If seemingly favourable his seduction by his would be 'Ready Man' (for explanation see below) would start. This would involve an invitation to go and see the 'Golden Rivet' Every ship had one ! Either the last rivet ; 13th rivet ; et al, all inserted according to the anecdote for luck. Some lads even went as far as to paint the head of a rivet yellow.

Always situated below decks in a secluded position Those that were naive enough to believe it and go below would discover that the 'Golden Riet' was the 'Ready Mans cock. His education and conversion would begin It could be guaranteed that by the 2nd week at sea, a good 'Ready Man' will have fucked him and coerced him into willingness to be fucked at a price by others.

The 'Ready-Man' - In my case still being in my teens he acted as my protector and made sure everyone paid the price.He also got you ready for business. First he'd give me an enema ; then lubricate me either with vaseline or olive oil. (No KY those days); then open me up by either fucking me first himself or by using various home made dildos (now called butt plugs) When he considered me ready to give full satisfaction he would declare me to be 'Ready' Hence his nickname.

As cabins were a bit on the cramped side my 'Ready Man' Duke, had converted a hammock into an ideal contraption for comfortable shagging The foot rope was fed through a pulley and tied off on a cleat. The head rope was permanently tied off at one hieght. It had been tailored made to fit me when I lay face down in it.

Two holes had been made and edged off like a button hole with sail makers yarn. The first about 4" diameter below the nettle brass eyelets where my mouth went.This allowed me to be mouth/head fucked or just give blow jobs.Duke had also made a small 3 tier foot stool which enabled those of varying hieght to easily access my mouth.

The second hole was located so my own genitals hung through.This was because some liked to fondle/suck me whilst they just wanked or as they watched the action of me being shagged.

This was possible as the person going to fuck me would straddle the foot rope both feet still on the deck. Then Duke (my Ready-Man) would either lower or higher me through the pulley until my love-hole was parallel with the guys cock He would then mount me, and when comfortable Duke would tie off the foot rope at that hieght. Of all the positions over the years I've been shagged that was the most comfortable both for me and my lover who invariably was able to give full penetration instantly. . Probably the fore runner of todays Sling in the dungeon.

It was all bareback those days. The firsts spunk acted as a lubricant for the second. The second for the third and so on.

A Head fuck was the same price as an arse fuck. 6 shillings (5 for me 1 for Duke) This was because I had learnt to deep throat and could take most guys.

The secret is get the helmet at the epiglottis then swallow it like you do food . Once down it can go into a reasonable fucking rhythm without causing gagging. When they cum off, it's all shot straight down, you don't get a mouthful. It has to be practiced but well worth it for the recipient. Alot I found come off quicker than they do in an arse fuck.

Well hope you enjoyed this sequel. Thank you for the comments to Pt I . Happy memories.