Written by onepack

29 Dec 2008

The following is a true story:-

My wife and I usually holiday with my sister and brother ion law at least once a year, we all get on really well together and have a good time. This year for various reasons neither my wife nor my sister could get the time for a holiday. As I hadn’t had a holiday for nearly twelve months I suggested to my wife that my bro in law and me should go away together, well to my surprise she agreed. So without delay I phone bro in law (B.I.L) to see if he would be interested, and of course he was. We had known each other for over 30 years, long before he married my sister, and no doubt had the same thoughts of a week away without wives as I did.

We booked a week half board in Benidorm for early October thinking, loads of entertainment and half decent weather! Arrived in Benidorm jackpot 1 weather really good jackpot 2 hotel really good. Well 2 blokes loads of available women and we never pulled once. On the last but one night we went out clubbing as usual except this time drinking shorts instead of pints, well not being used to shorts I got bladdered and had to retire to hotel earlier than normal. Back in room crashed out on bed naked and no covers and BIL in much the same condition, however unlike previous nights I was feeling far less inhibited and starting to wank myself (lights out curtains open) BIL asked what I was doing, and without thinking told him I was having a wank and jokingly asked if he would give me a wank with his lips, he jokingly replied yes as long as I didn’t come in his mouth! I must state at this point that we were/are both heterosexual and have never spoken to each other like this before. Anyway he didn’t move of his bed and I just kept wanking, then I jokingly asked again if he would help me out, and to my surprise and pleasure I might add he came over to my bed and taking hold of my cock, again said he wouldn’t swallow, well I was totally gobsmacked but very exited at what was happening and muttered something like no problem! He was now expertly wanking my cock in a way that I imagine only another man could, feeling braver now I asked him to take his boxers off, as he was doing so I reached out and held his very stiff cock, wow that felt really good, then I started to wank him as well. With the ice now well and truly broken he leaned over and started to suck my cock whilst still expertly wanking me. With some clumsy shuffling around we managed to get into a 69 position and for the first time I was able to get his cock into my mouth and start sucking him, I also did something I never thought I ever would and started tonguing his arseole, a pleasure that he also did for me. After some more position changes, all the time wanking and sucking each other he told me he was going to come, without hesitation I held on to him to stop him pulling out and soon felt the wonderful feeling of warm spunk shooting into my mouth. Not long after I shot my load into his mouth which he also willingly swallowed, what fantastic experiences. For quite a while afterwards we sucked and wanked each others cocks, but alas no more spunk was to flow in this session. Whilst we lay there talking about what had just happened I got real bold and told him I would really love to be fucked as I’ve always loved having my arse finger fucked by my wife and the real thing could only be better, well he tried but probably due to the amount of vodka coke consumed didn’t manage to enter me, very disappointed. However before going to his own bed said if we weren’t going out in the morning we could get some KY and stay in and fuck all morning, and that’s the thought I went to sleep with. In the morning I had the mother of all hangovers but BIL wanted to go out for a paper, so I stayed in bed just hoping that the paper would actually be some KY. When he came back later I was indeed disappointed as the paper was a paper. However he noticed my disappointment and came to my bed and stripped off again, this time he finger fucked me, not like my wife , more like I would do myself if I could. He then started to wank me again, but this time I wanted to explore his cock more thoroughly, and started to wank and suck him properly, it wasn’t long before I again felt that tremendous feeling of warm spunk hitting the back of my throat, this time he came even more and I had a job to swallow it all but was not prepared to waste any of it, I came in his mouth almost straight away and again he swallowed every drop.

Nothing else happened after that, and since we have been home nothing has been said about the matter, but I for one definitely want a repeat in the future. I will show him this story and hopefully something will come from it.

Sorry for going on some, but as I said it is a true story.