Written by brenda

19 Feb 2011

when i'd rung my hubby and told him iwas staying the night a bill and kens i told him they were well hung,he said if they weren't you would have come home.it was true when i felt their cocks i had tohave them.i asked where the bathroom was ,need a piss bill said,no i need to clean myself,bill laughed and pushed me on my back he spread my thighs,i'll clean your cunt,don't usse tha word bill it's not nice,ken pinched my nipple.ouch that hurt,ken said it's a cunt now ask bill to lick your cunt,i shook my head he pinched my nipple again,ok i winced please bill clean my cunt,he was lapping and sucking me like an animal while ken pulled on my swollen nips,my turn to fuck that cunt of yours ken said twisting my nipple,doggy style you horny little bitch he said,they flipped me onto my stomache and positioned me my head on the bed,my arse in the air my legs spread ken and bil took turns spanking my arse till it glowed then ken spanked my cunt till i came,look bill she's wet told you in the pub she looked like she was a goer. he got behind me and thrust deep into me hard i groaned god that feels so good,he stayed in me not moving so i began to move back and forward that's it go brenda he said slapping me hard ,he held me then so i couldn't move please ffuck me ken,he slapped my arse again fuck your what,oh ken fuck my cunt hard,i begged,laughing he pounded my cunt till i was soaking,i felt his thumb up my arse and i came agaain as he filled me with cum,i collapsed on the bed,gasping as bill turned me onto my side he got behind me and ken puled my legs up near my chest he kept hold of my legs keeping them apart and bill slid into me from behind,as bill fucked me and finger fucked my arse ken rubbed my swollen clit,bill fucked me for ages until ,he too filed my cunt,we all fell asleep, in the morning they both fucked me again sending me home to hubby full of spunk, he wanted to know what had happened i told him as he fucked me but his cock hardly touched the sides,i will meet ken and bill again,but i am always looking for hung men to fuck me,