Written by Forty plus

11 Jul 2008

I\\\'m still not sure it happened. Married for twenty years,forty and feeling the need to get fit, I got the bike out of the shed.

North Wales has a network of cycle lanes which follow the old railway lines. They areideal excercise paths for anyone who wants to ride great distances without much effort.

I joined the path which heads toward the town of Porthmadog running from Caernarfon to Bryncir.

As I reached the Gate which crossed the road to the quarry I stopped for break. It is a slight uphill ride, but breathless for an unfit middle aged man. As I leaned against the gate a young man approached on a racing bike.

This was a cycle path for easy riders, but this guy was dressed like a Tour de France rider. \\\" S\\\'mae, the usual Welsh greeting. Sut dach chi? (English) How are you? \\\" Sorry\\\" he said in English.

\\\" I\\\'m sorry\\\" I said. I thought you were local\\\"

No,\\\" he said \\\"I\\\'ve ridden from Bangor. I\\\'m going to Porthmadog to meet my girlfriend, she has the luggage in the car.\\\"

\\\" You still have a long way to go,\\\" I said to him.

He stopped and offered me a drink of water from his flask.

\\\" I\\\'d love to get out of this sun for two minutes.\\\"

The only place I knew was off the track just around the bend where the quarry wagons came off the main road to the McAlpine quarry.

\\\" Anywhere will do, just to get out of the sun.\\\"

I rode my mountain bike off the track and he followed. \\\" I\\\';s nice here\\\" he said... islolated?\\\"

\\\"It is a bit. I stop here when I want to get away from the rat race and sit in the quiet of the woods\\\"

\\\" These the woods\\\" he indicated the line trees on the left.

\\\" Yeah\\\"

\\\" Looks a nice place.\\\"

\\\"It is\\\", I said. No people, no sound, except the birds.\\\"

\\\" Looks a nice place for a quiet wank\\\"

I was taken aback because I had been in there quite often on hot summer days for a nice \\\' ham shank\\\', but it is only my business and nobody else\\\'s.

He looked at me blushing and knew my secret straight away.

\\\" Fancy one now? I\\\'ll watch you, and you watch me. It\\\'ll be our secret, no-one else will know \\\"

I had always been turned on by the isolation and a fit young man stroking his manhood while I watched and stroked my own had me trying to catch my breath.

\\\" Someone might come,\\\" I said.

He smiled and looked me in the eye, charmingly.

\\\" I do hope so\\\", he said.

I was entranced. \\\" No touching?\\\"

\\\"No touching\\\" he said,\\\" Just looking\\\"

I pushed my heavy mountain bike through the grass and shrubbery into the pine woods, whilst he just lifted his light racing bike onto his shoulder and followed.

We pushed through the heavy woodland on the edge of the wood ito a clearing in the centre.

I heard the racing bike behind me fall to the floor among the pine needles. I turned around and the young cyclist was standing, breathing heavily, removing his cycling \\\'bum bag\\\'and tugging down the lycra cycling shorts. He was hard and his hand reached down to his cock.

I did the same, only having to undo the button of my shorts.

\\\" Oh,Kate, darling\" He moaned and began to rub his cock slowly.

I was turned on as well. I began to squeeze the bell end of mine.

He looked at me.

\\\" I\\\'m a naughty boy. I\\\'m a naughty boy. \\\" He came toward me. \\\" Please let me be a naughty boy, punish me.\\\"

He kneeled in front of me.

\\\" I\\\'m naughty, don\\\'t let me do it again.\\\"

He moved my hand away from my cock and licked my bell end. Then he looked up at me and said. \\\" Please don\\\'t make me\\\"

It was at that moment I realised what he wanted.

\\\" Go on, suck it\\\"

\\\" Please, no\\\"

\\\" Suck the bastard\\\"

Please no\\\"

All the time he was becoming more and more agitated.

\\\" You want it, \\\"a statement from me.

He stood up turned around and leaned against a pine tree, his young buttocks without an ounce of fat and his lycra shorts around his ankles.

\\\" Take them off\\\" I aid.

He struggled, one foot trying to release the shorts whilst he hung onto the tree.\\\"

I reached down and tore the shorts away from his feet.

\\\" Don\\\'t...please don\\\'t! He moaned

For the first time in my life I was looking at a young man\\\'s arse and had the desire. I pulled him toward me and placed my cock between the cheeks. I could rub my cock in between his cheeks and relieve myself.

\\\" In the bag\\\", he said. \\\" Gel... in the bag\\\" His bum bag was lying by my feet. I reached into it and among items like cycle repair kits and first aid equipment was a tube of KY Gel.

He turned his head to look whilst he still held onto the tree.

\\\" That\\\'s it! Please.\\\"

He was shaking and looking around in anxiety as I smeared the gel onto my cock.

He turned back toward the tree and bent further over. I parted his buttocks and looked at his rather small anus.

\\\" Are you sure?\\\"

\\\" Please,\\\" he said.

I rubbed my glans penis against his rectum slowly. He backed onto me and I pressed slowly. It was resistant just for a moment, with him pushing back and me pushing forward gently.

I felt it at first as he moaned, go into the point of no return.

It went in and I had never felt a

feeling like it before in my life.

A man was on the end of my knob. In fact the whole of the world was on he end of my knob.

\\\" Kate,darling, he moaned..Kate..please Kate.

I slid slowly into him. it was tight and I didn\\\'t want to do him any damage.

I couldn\\\'t help myself though. The exquisite pain in the end of my knob was more than I could bear.

\\\" Take it,take it!\\\"

\\\"Oh Kate\\\" he squealed, as he shoved his muscular arse toward me and his body shuddered as he wanked himself.

I have never shot like that before and I don\\\'t suppose I ever will again. If anyone had been within two hundred yards they would have heard the moans. Thank God the quarry road is so isolated.

We moaned together. me pumping slowly and him murmuring \\\" Kate. darling. I\\\'m so sorry...so..so sorry.

W When we had finished he turned around,we clung toether for a minute and kissed. a post \\\' coital\\\' kiss.

I n silence we dressed; and he clipped on his bum bag, not meeting my eye..

Silently we picked up our respective bikes and walked back toward the cycle path.

Without a word he cocked his leg over the bike with a slight wince and pedalled on toward Porthmadog. He never looked back.

I climbed onto my old mountain bike and rode back the way I had come.

A ride on the bike path has taken on a whole new meaning for me.