Written by ArlingtonOne

18 Jun 2013

Last week I posted our Bill and Janet update regarding their visit here… It’s been over 15 years since we’ve last seen them, although Jan and Judi regularly engage via email and FB…and Bill and I exchange emails perhaps 3 or 4 times annually. Our one-on-one allowed me to learn more about his relationship with my wife then…also provided added insight into my wife’s customary fuck activities!

With his wife’s approval, Bill regularly met with Judi…twice monthly during afternoon breaks. Supposedly luncheon dates, his office became a trysting destination. On occasion, Jan would join in the fun. However, it was the oftentimes weekend play that I found informative, and perhaps a bit disconcerting for me. As I mentioned, when my travel required away for several days, Judi would visit Jan’s and Bill’s home…it became sex party time…AND more! Bill knew how to prepare my wife for ‘fun’…and while Jan might claim innocence, she was as much controlling of my wife as her husband…!

Bill would invite several friends…with or without wives…however always with the intention that everyone would be enjoying a lovely, young lady. Jan was out of bounds…untouchable. My wife was in bounds…always ready to be screwed, whether or not she even aware of the game plan for the weekend! Bill would be the first…always…to fuck Judi. Then, the ‘crowd’ followed his lead, while Bill and Jan would enjoy observing the GB party.

Seems Judi was prepared with spirits, and back then a good dose of weed. Guys generally become sexually inhibited, contrary to many opinions, BUT for a lady, she’d be fully prepared to ‘entertain’ …pussy, oral, anal…whatever!! Judi was susceptible and ready for ALL of it!

Bill was in no way apologetic…he saw it all naturally. He knew I entertained other ladies…no hypocrisy involved. It was just a little discomforting to learn in so much detail how well my wife enjoyed being fucked by others that early in our marriage…!! I enjoy a GB party…several times a year. Here, I learned, my wife enjoyed one every time at Jan’s & Bill’s home…whether or not she aware she was the object…!!

Judi would be taken by each of the guests…NO boundary…spit-roast…doggie-style…back-on-bed…with open mouth and spread legs…and often Jan would allow one gent to anal fuck…usually one of the robust cocks in the room…!!

On occasion, as Bill explained, Judi would react to her ‘use.’ Perhaps she’d sober up a bit…or comprehend…several guys on the bed with her…in her…using her. Jan would intervene…properly inducing…sometimes restraining my wife as the next gentleman made entry. And, as I’ve always anticipated, once a guy’s cock in a lady, objections tend to dissolve into pleasure moans. Was Bill suggesting my wife was occasionally gang raped…? It wasn’t a “suggestion”…it was commonplace with my wife at these parties. Mind you, this was nearly 18years ago…who needs to make an issue of it today! In fact, I was truly excited to learn about Judi’s activity…it allows me a better understanding of my wife’s recent choices with her trysting partners…whether a single date OR a la Durham…a full-fledged group fuck. AND, how many of those has my wife experienced over the last year OR more…?

Before Bill and Jan left for Germany, they reiterated our invite to Houston next year. Judi, aware I have a company conference in Chicago this October, suggested Houston possibility for this year! Have to admit, I was a little uncomfortable with her suggestion…especially since Bill and Janet jumped for the date. NO turning back…our plans now call for Judi and I getting into Chicago a few days early…have our own mini-vacation…then during my week’s conference, Judi would fly into Houston…stay with Jan & Bill.

Judi is 45…in her prime. Jan at 58 remains seductively gorgeous. Bill at 65 remains totally lecherous. I can only imagine what, how and whom my wife will “befriend” while in Houston. I’m not even going to guess how many will party…you know who! I can only hope a little more maturity in ALL three of them will manage the week’s activity. For me, I plan to make sure I have my own entertainment at hand and in room…she’ll be the only way to distract myself…!