Written by keith

19 Apr 2011

hi last year trying to be green liz and myself took on an allotment, liz is now 29 slim size 10 keeps herself fit sorry iff your a big boob guy shes not for you shes 34b. last year the two old guys doing the two allotments to our left in there 60's or seventies were very helpfull to us with advice. but they couldnt hide there obvious thoughts of liz with blatant stares.

during the warmer days of which there were not that many last year liz would wear a tight top and shorts. I often joked that the two guys would be disappearing into there sheds for a wank and it was well known allotment sheds were full of porno mags for rainy days. at first she shrugged it off but then after a while asked do you really think they still read porn and wank.to which i replied keep bending over like that and i bet hes got a hard on and laughed.

this seemed to awaken something in her as she would talk while we were in bed asking iff i thought they wanked over her and my reply of i wouldnt be suprised only seemed to give her a girlish giggle and almost excitement in her voice. while we were there her thong might slip into view above one type of shorts she would wear. i didnt tell her bill on the next allotment had been having a good stare untill we got home. to my surprise she said i know it happens with them thats why i put them on, she laughed and asked do you think he had a play.

well nothing other than flirting/teasing happened last year. a few weeks back we started going again for this year and bill and tom seemed pleased to see we were going to have another go. the weather picked up and we went about our tasks. Last week i was working nights, so i took liz to a pub where we sat outside having a drink and meal she drank abit of wine and i was going home to bed said she would go and do a bit at the allotment and to have some fresh air. i dropped her off then went home to bed. i heard her come in and rush upstairs to the bathroom and in the shower as i need the toilet wakeing up after a couple of pints i went for a pee i was rather taken aback by liz's red bottom and i meen red as she heard me walk in she quickly turned round and her face coloured up to match. to avoid making this to long ill make this part one