Written by willing swinger

14 Jul 2015

Both my wife Kaye and i enjoy talking about her making love with our friend Billy,with her approval i wrote a sexy letter detailing just what we wanted Billy to do with Kaye in his bedroom. I took billy for a drive and gave him the letter to read in a secluded bush track.

As soon as billy started to read it his cock swelled up in his shorts, his breathing became hot and heavy. He said suck my cock while I read about your hot little wife. i pulled out his swollen rod and gently rubbed him as his passion built.

When he had finished the letter he said bring her out to my caravan this afternoon and I will take your sweet little wife and make her my own women.

Billy drove me me back to our Van, he said I want your wife badly my cock is ready to pleasure her. I promised him I would do every thing that he ordered me to do help him seduce and fill Kaye with his seed. When I told Kaye Billy wanted to fuck her she became very hot and asked me to help her prepare for Billy.

I wanted her to very desirable, my greatest wish was to see Billy take Kaye in his arms and start kissing and feeling her private married bits. As we drove out Kaye slipped her panties of and put them in my pocket, I wanted her to be ready for billys probing fingers. We walked up to Billys van and slipped into the annexe, I held Kaye in my arms and asked are you ready for Billys loving, she wispered yes darling I need him deep inside me. I opened the door and we both went into his van, Billy had the blinds pulled for our privacy in the gloom i could see billy lying on the bed complteley naked. His big cock was hard and erect and running with pree cum. He stood up at the end of the bed and wrapped his arms around Kaye and the two them began kissing with a passion, Billy wispered I love you soo much Kaye and I have wanted this moment for a long time. As he kissed my sweet wife he worked her dress up to her hips exposing Kayes hot wet little pussy. Billy gently laid Kaye onto the bed and spread her legs, he started fingering her sex and lay ontop of her and started kissing her cheeks and lips. As i watched billy lowered him self between her legs and expertly entered his big cock into my wifes hot juicy pussy. Soon kaye and Billy had a lovely rthym going as they made love to each other, Kayes inabitions melted and she began moaning with pleasure as Billy thrust in and out of her. Billys hips thrust strongly against my lovely wifes hot body.

Billy started to moan and breath heavy with a little cry he said I am going to spray my cum deep inside you Kaye.

Kaye wrapped her arms around Billy and started lifting her hips up against him wildly, she kissed his lips and whispered yes my darling fill me with your seed make me yours with your hot cum.

Wth a loud sigh Billy thrust his cock deep in Kayes irisistable hot cunt and sprayed his cum deep into her womb.