Written by Essexboy

14 Jan 2011

Last February I posted a story about the first time I visited the T**** Cinema in Birmingham. I have only been back there a few times but yesterday afternoon I had a few hours free so I decided another visit was due.

As soon as I pushed open the door to the two screens I could make out a naked man sitting in the front row of seats of the left hand screen, he looked to be in his mid fifties, next to him sat a much younger girl with short red hair and quite attractive. Her left hand was stroking his impressive erect prick as she watched the porn video. They were closely surrounded by a group of the old men who frequent that cinema.

The man started to run his hands over her breasts and she pulled the T shirt off over her head then stood up and stepped out of her jeans. She stood there in just her black bra and knickers and colourful socks. She was well lit by the light coming from the large flat screen TV in front of her. She resumed her seat and continued to wank her partner. He lifted her bra cups up to fully expose her breasts.She stood up and unhooked the bra and dropped it on her seat then pushed her knickers down and stepped out of them. She stood proudly facing the watching men for several minutes. She had a great figure, not skinny, her breast were firm and she had a small patch of dark hair above her pussy.

Many of the watchers were now openly wanking their cocks including a small group who were gathered next to the wall.

The man reached for his trousers which were under his seat and pulled out a condom, he rolled it on and motioned for the girl to join him, she lay back in her seat and raised her legs, he got between them and started to fuck her. One of the old men who was sitting next to them produced a small torch and directed the blue beam at his prick as he was pumping into her. The girl was still watching the porn video and was making comments about the size of the cocks on the screen. The man withdrew and pulled her to her feet, then they both moved to the group of men against the wall. He stood behind her with his hands cupping her tits, he then took her hands and guided them to the exposed cocks of the two men nearest to her. She curled her hands around the pricks and slowly started to wank them. She asked them to be careful and not to cum over her socks.

There was a semicircle of men around them many of whom were trying to stroke her tits which she allowed but a few were trying to touch her pussy but the man warned them off.She released her grip on the two cocks and returned to the seats, she bent over with her hands on the seat backs facing the audience as he fucked her from behind, holding on to her hips while the men in the next row fondled her tits. I think that he must have taken viagra as he never once lost his erection. He was now breathing hard and picked up the pace then uttered a groan as he came, he pulled his prick out of her and removed the full condom. She stood up, picked up her underwear and casually dressed while her partner did the same. As soon as they were fully dressed she gave a little wave to everyone and they both left.

The old men gradually returned to their seats and an old tranny returned and sat at the rear of the rows of seats and procceded to give blow jobs to who ever sat next to her.

In all I must have been about six times to this cinema in the last year and this was the third time that I saw couples putting on a show, not a bad record...