Written by john

14 May 2009

My wife and I are members of a small swingers group of 5 couples all in our 50s, we meet at each others house once a month, for dinner, drinks and sex. At our last get together whilst having a chat during dinner one the wives said as anyone been dogging, my wife said whats dogging, and she explained.

When we were driving home the next morning my said that dogging sounds interesting I woudn't mind trying it one how about, I said with a hard on YES why not.

A few days later I looked on the internet for our local dogging site, and decided we would do it for her 56th Birthday.

The Friday of her bithday came and as I left for work wished her happy birthday you will get your present tonight. When got home I said I am taking you somewhere special wear your sexist come and fuck me dress.

As we got into the car I gave her a present a new vibrartor, I had put batteries in before I wrapped it up, she put it up her fanny there and then. She asked where we where going, its a suprise i said. I pulled in this wooded car park, whats this, its your suprise dogging, sex in public. I told her what I knew Internal light on if you want people to watch, windows open fot a growp, and doors open for them to join in. She said thank you and and turned the lights on and we started kissing she was already wet and i was stiff.

within seconds a man appeared at her window with his prick out and tapped on the window she lowered it and ask if he could feel her tits she looked at me I nodded and she said yes. As soon as he started touching my prick got harder, and he moved down to her fanny were hand was, I moved it away for him and he stared fingering her. She suggested I lay on the back seat, and said tto the stranger do you fuck me, he said yes, have you condom, he said yes putting it on, she then bent over put my prick in her mouth, he the mouted her from brhind she's sucking he's fucking she orgasms first I spunk in her mouth, and gasps as he spunks. As he gets off her and she gets off me, we look up and they must have 6 men and 3 women watching.

Thats her birthday to remember