Written by Sandy

6 Jul 2011

On Saturday I celebrated my 35th birthday. I’d wanted to go out with some of our friends but my husband Simon had insisted that we should have a quiet romantic dinner at home and arranged for the kids to stay with his Mum. He assured me I wouldn’t need to cook, he’d take care of everything – which knowing his only dish is beans on toast didn’t fill me with expectation. But it had been ages since we’d had the opportunity of being alone together, so I convinced myself it would be nice.

Around four Simon went off to drop the kids at his Mum’s telling me to get ready for the evening. When he got back I still hadn’t moved from the sofa where I’d been enjoying my book, a cup of tea and a couple of cigarettes. “Not in the bath yet?” he asked when he came in. I took the hint – he had a glint in his eye, so decided to go and bathe, shave and dress up for my “beans on toast”. My sex drive is much greater than Simon’s, whether it’s the pressure of work or just that I’m needy I don’t know but I wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity! I’d even joked that maybe I should take on a lover if it saved him a job but he became very angry – he’s always been the jealous sort.

Sat at my dressing table in my undies applying make up and tending to my hair Simon came into the bedroom. “You look absolutely fucking stunning Sandy” he bent down draped only in his towel he kissed me. There was a telling bulge at the front of the towel. “Later” I said tapping his bouncing cock. I was dressed and Simon still in his boxers when the door bell rang. “Can you get that please Sandy?” I tottered down the stairs in my very tight black pencil skirt, stocking swishing as I walked on my six inch stilettos. I opened the door to four men dressed in black suits, white shirts open at the collar holding boxes. “Happy Birthday!” they shouted in unison and walked passed me into the hall. “Which way to the kitchen?” one of them asked and I pointed. “Simon, can you come down please” I bellowed more by way of command than request. He came scampering down dressed in his black suit – and a white shirt. Smiling he pecked me on the cheek, “Happy Birthday darling” and went off into the kitchen.

Bemused I followed them. The oven was on, plates warming then the distinctive “pop” of a bottle of champagne. One of the visitors poured and handed me a glass and in an eastern European accent said “Simon has asked us to come and give you a birthday dinner to remember. Happy Birthday Sandra” and all raised their glasses to toast my entering the 36th year of my life.

The dining room table was set for six. Lovely cutlery and plates were on the table, the cold starter sat waiting for us to tuck in. Champagne was re-filled and then white wine followed, my glass never allowed to get empty. All four of the chaps were from Lithuania, all similar in looks and age – probably late forties, early fifties, full heads of salt and pepper hair and physically fit. The plates were cleared and the main course of rib of lamb (my favourite) was served. Wine glasses changed and red wine poured. The only thing flowing more readily than the wine was the conversation. I was having a ball! Mains done, sweets followed with pudding wine – my head starting to swim a little but enjoying the warm glow of contentment having had a lovely meal and a little too much to drink. I enjoyed a cigarette with coffee as the chaps cleared the table and packed everything away in the boxes they’d arrived with – Simon took me by the arm and led me up to the bedroom. “Sandy, you trust me don’t you.”

Slurring a little, “Of course I do.” Wrapping my arms around his neck I kissed him. “Thank you for a lovely evening. I’m a bit pissed and very horny.”

“That’s good” he said.

“Now I need fucking” I giggled.

He undid my skirt and pulled it down my legs. I leant on his shoulder as I stepped out of it. He ran his fingers up my stocking clad thighs, looking straight at my shaved pussy. I wasn’t wearing panties. He ran his finger up my slit, parting my small lips he slipped a finger inside. “Beautiful” he gasped “and so wet”. Next he undid my blouse and slipped it over my shoulders. I was wearing a black translucent top, no bra as my 34B cup boobies don’t need one. His next move surprised me.

He took me by the hand and let me to the top of the stairs, “Trust me” and I held on to him as I nervously walked down the stairs. He led me into the dining room. The table top was covered with a throw and cushions, the chairs not even in the room. Instinctively I did what he wanted, still holding his hand, I climbed up on the table and lay back on the cushions. Not a word was spoken. The Lithuanians came in minus jackets and stood at the four corners of the table. Much of what was to follow I can not recall in detail. I was aware of hands on my legs, gently massaging me, wandering over my stocking tops to my exposed gash, fingers playing with me, circling my clit, others parting my labia and fucking my wet pussy. One set of hands was playing with my boobs, another set holding my face while somebody was kissing me hard with their tongue. It was seconds before I reached one of the biggest orgasms of my life.

Who was doing what I don’t know but I caught sight of Simon smiling at me, leaning against the wall at the end of the room. I was swivelled on the table, now laid across the short length, my head on a cushion, my legs dangling off the other side. A moment later, hands all over me I had a cock in my mouth and one in my cunt, both pumping away. I was passive for a moment or two before reaching out finding another cock in my hand, caressing the balls attached to the cock in my mouth with my other hand. It was wonderful. I felt the cock in my pussy pull out, a rubber landed on my tummy and seconds later some Lithuanian spunk shot all over my top. It wasn’t long before another cock was pumping inside me – fingers now working my clit. A hand moved my head to the other side and a cock was guided into my open mouth. I was about to come again when the meat pumping inside me stopped, pulled out and ejaculated up the length of my torso, some landing on my cheek. Another cock inside me, another set of fingers playing with my clit. The guy in my mouth had pulled away from me and was wanking his cock towards my face as I licked his shaft. Jizz splattered all over my face and in my hair. The guy fucking me pulled away and came up to my face. I could see him taking off the condom and tasted the oily residue on his prick as I took him inside my mouth. Another cock was inside my dripping cunt, pumping slowly, a thumb on my clit rotating in time with the thrusts deep inside me. I was starting to come, slowly building up to an even bigger orgasm than before. I took the cock out of my mouth not wanting to damage it when the inevitable happened. I started to scream out in ecstasy, spunk hit my face and the cock inside me throbbed and spat seed deep inside me, my cunt tightened and my whole body shook with the violence of my own orgasm. I was oblivious to movement for a few moments. I opened my eyes to see Simon stood between my legs, cock slowly shrivelling inside me. I heard a bang as the front door shut.

“Wow” was all I could say.

“Wow” Simon smiled back. He pulled me up, I wrapped my legs around him as his cock slipped out of me. I could feel his spunk cold as it dribbled down my bum. He cuddled me to him and kissed me, long tender tongues. Like this he carried me up to bed, oblivious to the other men’s spunk covering my torso and face. He lay me on the bed and we made love.

What a birthday treat – and I still haven’t asked him how, why, who, did it cost, how much, where did he find them? Frankly I don’t care!