Written by PETE_AM

15 Mar 2010

I must bore you a little with some background but I'll try to be quick. My wife is hygene mad and has a fully white kitchen etc. She will not contemplate any oral received or given as these areas have been near the toilet. She adores her orgasms so we do have a lot of sex but I must wear a condom. Knowing I used to adore oral my wife has agreed that I can find somebody to give and receive oral for my 50th birthday soon. This weekend whilst out shopping we had lunch. She noted me looking at a very posh lady opposite so began to tease me. "You'd love her well manicured fingers wrapped around your cock whilst she sucked hard on it wouldn't you. The end would be really hard and your foreskin so so tight. etc" Noting the effect this was having on my bulge she started to stroke me through my trousers." Her head is going back and forth deeper and deeper you go, your cock twitching, you are breathing deeper and deeper as your cock goes deeper and deeper" Still rubbing me I came in my boxers.

Later whist in a store there was a tartily dressed girl. " My wife said she would love to lick up the sticky mess on your pubes and get you hard again then she'd want to ride you until you came up her. You'd have to refuse as only oral was what I'd permitted you to do. Then she'd make you relieve her with your tongue by doing everything she asked of your mouth and tongue to give her a decent orgasm." This got me hard again and my wife kept making remarks on the way home to keep me turned on.

Once home she made me bath and give her a real good session.

Can't wait to find somebody who would be happy to give and receive plenty of oral. Meanwhile my wife is getting the benefit already. I'm sure she will get even more afterwards once she makes me recall my experiences.