Written by Younguns2011

25 Jan 2013

We have been swinging now for about 18 months, in which time we have met many wonderful people making close friends and having lots of dirty fun. Having been together for many years and taking each others virginity we find that this life style lets us explore together and not feel like we have cheated on one another and there is no regret or remorse.

My tale this evening is really an update where we are in our journey and would like to see what others think.

We start some months ago in a swingers club, the hour is late, Jess and I have had a number of encounters with single males over the night. When visiting clubs we have always used enclosed room but tonight Jess was fucked in one with a window and got very wet knowing others could see her naked body whilst she was fucked hard and fast. But as usual this single male makes his excuses and leaves. We are sat having a drink in the lounge when a couple come over and sit with us.

We have been to clubs a few times but only played with single males, we had never been brave enough to even start a conversation with one in club although we had met a few outside in private meets. Now in new territory we made small talk, the hour was late and Jess now tipsy was certainly up for round five of fun. Inevitably we ended up in a private room for lots of naughty fun but no actual partner swapping for penetration. There was a knock on the door and we were politely reminded the club had closed. In the changing area we swapped numbers and for a number of months had made several unsuccessful attempts to make a second meet.

Well out of the blue we got a txt from the female half around a week ago. To cut it short she was looking to see if Jess was available to be her husbands surprise birthday present. She had seen that in recent weeks we had started our search for a fuck buddy for Jess so knew she was at least thinking about meeting on her own. The reply from Jess was a big yes, even I was shocked I didn't need to encourage her to go ahead.

So now I'm lay in a hotel bedroom, Jess has just gone to meet the female for a quick drink wearing only a short blue dress and no underwire. She will hide in the bathroom when the male arrives and once he is tied and blindfolded take his cock in her mouth and from there give her self up to the pair of them to do with her as they see fit. Whilst this is going on I'm left alone in a separate hotel room, only my imagination for company, hoping I might get a picture message to wank over.

I will post what happens when Jess returns whenever that may be, be would be interested to hear your thoughts on the situation.