Written by Beach69

13 Aug 2017

My wife and I had been invited to one of her friends birthday party at her house. I had never met this friend so to start with wasn't sure if I wanted to go concerned I wouldn't really know anyone. Anyway I agreed and we headed off to town for a bite to eat and a few drinks before setting off to the house party. We arrived at the party just after 8pm and my wife knocked on the door, which was soon answered I had presumed by her friend after the initial exchanges and thank you for coming. The lady who greeted us was slim, 5'9 tall, short brown hair and she was wearing a short wrap round dress that only covered the top part of her thighs and showed off what were a cracking pair of tits. Wow I thought! My wife then introduced me and stepped aside for the birthday girl to say hello. As my wife moved through the narrow doorway it left me momentarily alone looking straight at who I had now deduced was the birthday girl. As she held her hand out to welcome me and give me a welcome kiss on the cheek her dress both at the bottom and the top moved slightly to reveal a quick glimpse of her white panties and a great view down her top of her gorgeous tits. My face must have said a thousand words as she quickly apologised for her dress slip and covered herself up better. I commented that I had thought it was my birthday having such a wonderful view and I liked her lacy bra. We moved through to the lounge and started being introduced to others and the drinks started to flow. The host/birthday girl was already quite merry and every now and then I would look over at her, she looked so damn sexy. The more I looked the more randy I felt and soon started having naughty thoughts and wanting to see more of her naked body, but I was with my wife! Later on in the evening everyone was quite merry. My wife was in the garden talking so I went to get her a drink top-up. I went into the utility room area where all the drinks were and found the birthday girl mixing herself a drink. I found myself starring at her and as I did so could feel my cock starting to go hard as I looked her up and down. She then bent over and reached down to open a freezer door to get some ice out. Her slender legs and beautiful body were sending me crazy. God what I would give to fuck her!, She turned round and saw me staring at her and said instead of staring could I help her open the drawer that was stuck. I moved over to where she was standing and was stood behind her as she tugged and I tugged at the same time. The drawer started to come free, but as it released both our bodies connected and I was pressed tightly against her with my arms around her waist holding. I could feel the softness of her skin through the dress and she could feel my hard-on through my trousers. We stood there for a minute and she wiggled her bum against my cock and then turned round, looked at me and said "is that present for me?" I went bright red and said that she was the birthday girl and she could have whatever she wanted! She told me to meet her upstairs in a few minutes and I sheepishly took the drink back to my wife and made my excuses that I needed the loo. She was too pissed to care by now and hadn't noticed I'd gone for a drink to start with. I then made my way to the stairs looking for the bedroom. As I reached the top stair she was there and pulled me into her room, locked the door and started to yank my trousers down. She then unbuttoned my shirt and undid her dress and let it fall to the floor. My cock was so hard and she grabbed it started wanking me and then licked and sucked my balls.....this was heaven. She had such a beautiful body and her full natural tits were swinging freely as she sucked my cock. She then led me to the bed told me to lie down and straddled me, slowly lowering herself on to me so that my cock eased into her lovely wet pussy. She was so wet and started riding me. Her tits were swinging in my face and I sucked, licked and played with them. God this was good. She soon came and I felt her gripping my cock so tightly and her body started to tense as she gripped me. This got me even harder and I knew I would come soon. She kept riding me and said that she was cumming again and I told her I would be too. She said it was okay to cum inside her and she wanted my spunk. We fucked and soon both came loads I could feel my hot spunk spurting deep inside her and could feel her cumming too. We lay on the bed for a while, kissed, fondled and then she said we had better get back to the party. She put on her bra and dress, but no panties. I hurriedly dressed and just before we went down she grabbed me by the door and moved my hand to between her legs where I could feel her bare pussy, I was right no knickers. She was still so wet. We quickly kissed and she whispered in my ear that she loved her birthday surprise and whenever no-one was looking I could touch her pussy whenever I wanted when we went back downstairs. I left the room first and as I reached the bottom stair I looked up and she was just starting to come down. She moved her dress to reveal her pussy and blew me a kiss. I went back to my wife and started chatting, she hadn't even noticed I'd been missing. Soon after her friend came over and was talking to my wife saying you have a lovely husband and she was so lucky and as she said this she grabbed my hand and pulled it to her inner thigh and let me touch and stroke her pussy as she continued to talk with her. She then started telling my wife that I bet I was good with my hands and wondered if she could borrow me to put some shelves up in the coming weeks. My wife said oh no he's got soft hands and isn't really a workman type, but of course she would let her borrow me. She then turned away and moved my hand away from her pussy and said "I know you have soft hands and I also know you have a nice hard cock, but that's our secret" As we were leaving the party we said our goodbyes and she gave me a quick peck on the cheek and slipped her tongue into my mouth for a crafty sloppy kiss, quick feel of my cock through my trousers before saying openly that she looked forward to me coming round to help with the shelves and winked at me. This morning I woke up thinking last night was a dream, but I have just emptied my jacket pockets and found a pair of white knickers with two kisses in lipstick. So glad I went to the party!